Male Victims of Domestic Violence Online Text-based Home Course (4 CE)

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Although most people understand domestic violence to be an act of aggression by a man against a woman, recent research has shown that males are victims of partner abuse also. Males may be subject to physical, emotional and sexual abuse, in hetero- and homosexual partnerships, and often face significant social pressures away from reporting their victimization. In this presentation, attention will be given to the unique psychological and sociological reasons that men may find themselves in abusive relationships, as well as some explanations for why they stay and why they find reporting difficult. In addition, the special treatment factors associated with detection and assessment of victimization in men is presented, as well as factors to consider when using individual or conjoint therapy. Finally, the issues for gay men in violent partnerships and the characteristics that lead women to become violent aggressors are presented.

Authors: Patricia Patton, Ph.D, Nancy Klein, MA, LMFT

Target Audience: Introductory and Intermediate; LMFTs, Social Workers, LPCCs, Nurses, Substance Abuse Counselors, and other mental health clinicians.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Define all types of intimate partner violence, including the mutual forms of abuse.
  2. Make accurate assessments in the context of masculine gender roles and inhibitions to reporting and seeking treatment.
  3. Develop treatment plans for gender-neutral treatment.
  4. Integrate the pros and cons of individual vs. conjoint therapy with treatment of intimate partner violence.


This course satisfies the following California BBS Pre-licensure requirements:

  • 4 hours toward the 15 hours of Spousal Abuse Assessment and Reporting (Domestic Violence) required for California LCSW candidates
  • 4 hours toward the 15 hours of Spousal or Partner Abuse Assessment, Detection and Intervention (Domestic Violence) required for California LPCC candidates


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