Depression: Assessment and Treatment - Live Online (6 CE)

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This workshop covers the basic components in assessing and treating clients who are experiencing depression. Various forms of depression and their etiologies are addressed. Methods for assessing depression are covered and students will be provided with different types of intervention strategies ranging from medical, cognitive behavioral and life style changes.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Assess for depression using the 21-question Beck Depression Inventory.
  2. Differentiate between Seasonal Affective Disorder, Bipolar Depression, Chronic Depression and other depressive disorders.
  3. Analyze the causes of depression with a special emphasis on family genetic components and endogenous factors.
  4. Compare three evidence-based treatment modalities recommended for clients diagnosed with depressive disorders.
  5. Utilize five simple interventions to treat clients exhibiting depressive symptoms.
  6. Summarize some of the consequences of untreated depression including the dangers of depression co-occurring with drug and/or alcohol abuse.

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