The Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) is undergoing significant changes in its examination process, impacting candidates aspiring for social work licensure. Beginning January 2, 2024, all ASWB exams will exclusively take place at PSI test centers. This article includes important information that will assist individuals preparing to schedule their ASWB exams.

1. PSI Testing Platform

A pivotal aspect of this transition involves test-takers familiarizing themselves with the PSI testing platform. While the ASWB exam registrations will continue without disruption, the actual examination environment will be hosted by PSI. This underscores the importance of candidates being proficient with the new platform to optimize their performance on examination day.

2. Temporary Pause in Testing Appointments

In order to facilitate this transition, the ASWB has announced a brief hiatus in testing appointments from December 16 to December 31, 2023. Candidates planning to take their exams during this period should adjust their schedules accordingly.

Additionally, candidates who register for exams on or after November 1, 2023, will automatically be scheduled for testing at a PSI test center starting January 2, 2024. It is imperative for these individuals to meticulously plan and schedule, taking into account the new testing location.

3. Action Required for Pearson VUE Testing

For individuals who prefer Pearson VUE testing centers, the ASWB advises prompt scheduling of exams. Testing appointments for late 2023 are limited and are rapidly filling up. To mitigate any inconvenience, candidates should schedule their exams well in advance if they wish to test at Pearson VUE centers by December 15, 2023.

4. No Change to Exam Questions and Scoring

Despite the change in testing centers, there will be no alterations to exam questions and scoring. Regardless of whether the exam is taken before or after the transition to new testing centers, candidates can anticipate uniform exam content and evaluation standards. Detailed information about the examination process is available in the Exam Guidebook provided by the ASWB.

5. Registration Extension

The ASWB recognizes that certain circumstances may affect candidates' ability to test before their registration expiration date. As a solution, the option to request an extension (subject to board approval) will be available. This offers flexibility for candidates requiring additional time for preparation or encountering unforeseen delays.

6. Stay Updated

To remain up to date for the evolving testing landscape, candidates will receive communication from the ASWB via email regarding the changes to test scheduling in 2024. It is crucial for candidates to vigilantly monitor their email inboxes for these updates.


The transition to PSI test centers commencing January 2, 2024, signifies a significant evolution in the ASWB testing process. While change may present challenges, candidates are encouraged to prepare diligently, acquaint themselves with the new testing platform, and remain attentive to updates from the ASWB to ensure a seamless transition to the next phase of their social work licensing journey.

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