GGS National University MFT California Exam Prep Package

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Your package includes the following materials:

  • Online MFT Law & Ethics Testbank
  • Online MFT Clinical Exam Testbank
  • Online MFT Flashcards
  • Online MFT Audios
  • MFT Clinical Exam Textbook

We recommend a study period of approximately 8 weeks for the Law & Ethics Exam and 12 weeks for the Clinical Exam. These are only guidelines. Feel free to tailor your study plan to fit your schedule.

How do I use the testbank?

A great way to start is by logging into your Law & Ethics Testbank and taking a short “All-Category” Content Area Quiz. See instructions on the reverse side to access your testbank. Once logged in, a video tutorial will guide you through using the testbank and online resource center. Using the testbank will help you to become familiar with the types of questions that may be on the exam. The content area quizzes pull questions from the first four Full Exams. We highly recommend completing all six full exams at least once if not twice prior to sitting for your BBS exam.

Should I read the Textbook cover-to-cover?

You do not need to memorize the Textbook. This is a handy reference guide that contains valuable information for passing the exam. The Textbook will provide you with a broad-based panorama. We also hope the information will be useful to you in your career as a licensed clinician. For the Law Exam, you will want to focus on the Law & Ethics section. For the Clinical Exam, you will want to familiarize yourself with all sections.

Other Study Tools

The audios and flashcards are available online. These represent additional avenues for integrating and mastering the material. Use whichever formats best suit your learning style.