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How to use our exam prep mobilizer!

Tap the tabs to navigate our main windows:

News: current exam prep items from your licensing organization and Gerry Grossman Seminars.

Quiz: test your therapeutic knowledge and exam-taking skills with a short quiz of between 5 and 25 questions. If you set the Source to "Bundles", these will be randomly selected from the 15 free questions provided with the app and additional bundles you have purchased. If you select the "Online" source, these questions will be drawn from your GGS online complete testbank (must be purchased separately). Choose Study Mode, which displays the correct answer and full rationales after you set your own answer, or Exam Mode which doesn't show the correct answers until you have finished the quiz. Here you can change your sound options - turn sound effects on or off and set your desired volume.

More: purchase additional testbank bundles on this page. Tapping a button will connect you to your appstore account to make your purchases. Also, here you will find discounts on Gerry Grossman Seminars study materials.

Locations: view a map with your current location and the closest Gerry Grossman Seminars locations. Tap the push pins to see their addresses. On the banner that pops up, tap the right arrow - this will bring up location details as well as a button for visual directions.

About: details and copyright info for your app as well as Gerry Grossman Seminars in general.


For all problems downloading the app or with purchasing additional testbank bundles
iPhone apps:
contact iTunes Store Customer Support.
android apps:
contact Google Play Help Page.

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Recent Questions

I just purchased a testbank bundle. Why aren't these new questions appearing in my quizzes?

Take these steps until your new questions appear when creating a new quiz:
1) On the Quiz page, tap the “All” item to the far right of the “Testbank” selection bar, holding your finger down on the screen. Sometimes lightly or quickly tapping doesn't "take". The “All” item will darken to indicate it was selected.

2) Double-check to be sure your purchase actually went through. Go to the More tab and tap the Testbank Bundles button. On its page, the button for your testbank should be disabled, indicating you've purchased it. If it is not disabled, that would mean either your purchase didn't complete, or your app was re-downloaded or re-installed. In that case, click the Back button at the top to go back to the More GGS page and tap the "Restore Your Bundle Purchases" button. On that page, follow the directions to restore your testbank purchase.
NOTE – if you try to re–purchase a bundle you’ve already bought, the app store will recognize this and restore your purchase instead of charging you for a new one.

3) Tap the Back button to return the main More page, then tap the Restore button. That takes you to the Restore Purchases page, with a button to do just that. You will need to restore your purchases whenever you have to re-install your app, such as when upgrading or restoring your phone operating system or switching to a new phone.

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