Read what our MFT students are saying about their GGS Exam Prep experiences!

I liked the concept of "key words" what to pay attention to in the provided exam questions.

Anjelika Bergelson, AMFT (3/16/19)

Helpful aspects of the (Law & Ethics 2019 CE Video) course: 'Clear statements of what has changed in California laws. I will take this course again in the future.'

Daniel Smith, LMFT (3/14/19)

Helpful aspects of the (Suicidal Clients Text-based) course: 'Being aware of the risk factors with various groups.'

Paul Inglizian, LCSW (3/5/19)

I am so excited to say I passed the (MFT Law and Ethics) exam. I took it once and missed by 2 points. I took the seminar two weeks ago and get amazing pointers on ways to attack the test instead of the test attacking me. I can't thank your team enough for the breakdown. With two weeks of studying with the course and materials, I was able to go in with high confidence. "

Janisha Mickens, AMFT (2/8/19)

"I passed my MFT and PCC law and ethics tests. The testbank helped me have more confidence while taking the real test. "

Chien Yi Chiang (12/4/18)

I just wanted to let you know I passed my clinical exam this morning. And I have to thank you. The study materials are great. I was completely prepared. Finished my test in 2 1/2 hours.

Thanks again!

Vickie Carrillo, LMFT (11/28/18)

Dear Mr. Grossman,

I want to thank you for your study material. I have now passed the BBS exam (LMFT). I did not pass the first time, but I had huge test anxiety. Staying committed to studying, taking the tests and quizzes and really looking at what is being asked helped. In addition, I took the 2-day seminar and it was the Golden Key for me. I learned tips that helped me while testing.

Big thanks to Mr. Farber, my instructor.


My piece of advice for those who are struggling is to test over 4 months for practice if nothing else, and never give up!

Brianne Walker, LMFT (11/26/18)

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my MFT clinical exam yesterday (10-3-18). I am so very happy to have this behind me!

I wanted to thank you for your help and support in the form of training materials and test banks. It really made big difference for me. Keep up the good work!

Alexis McKenna, LMFT (10/4/18)

I took my test yesterday (Clinical Licensing Exam) and am happy to report that I passed! I used the GGS materials for all of my studying and found myself really well prepared. The mnemonic devices helped me to stay focused on the appropriate response to questions - for example, differentiating between legal and ethical considerations or crisis focused responses/assessment.

One thing that really helped me was shifting my focus from "this is too much! You'll probably fail! Too few people are passing anyway!" to self-care in the form of daily meditation, improved nutrition, visualization, and affirmations as well as a lot of prayer. When I started focusing on positive self-care with a healthy dose of studying, things really shifted.

I began studying in May, I spent about 5-7 hours studying per week during May and June. My first practice test score was 63%. I earned one 79%, but the other test scores (I took 8 practice exams and 2 exams twice) were consistently in the low 70% range. I took lots of quizzes - lots! And I focused on areas needing attention based on the analysis of my practice test scores. That really helped. I used the audio materials and pored over the manuals, which I will be keeping as valuable resources!

I am so grateful for the structure and information your training offered!

Thank you for helping me pass.

Kristen Morefield, LMFT (9/7/18)

'Excellent course and very thorough. There have been new laws that have changed that I was not aware. '

Maria Millsaps, AMFT (9/5/18)

I enjoyed sitting in and absorbing all of Gerry Grossman's knowledge. Mr. Grossman made the training very easy to understanding and I appreciated his humor.

Yvette Flores, AMFT (7/27/18)

I passed the Law & Ethics test on 6/4/18, YEAH!! The study material and test bank helped out tremendously. I felt extremely prepared and confident going into the exam. I look forward to taking the clinical exam workshop next. Thank you so much!!

Cynthia Alvarado, M.S. AMFT (6/27/18)

It [The CCE course] was very helpful to learn test-taking strategies. I feel more equipped to handle the exam. Thank you!!

Vanessa Barriga, AMFT (5/21/18)

'What I liked was that in certain questions the professor (Gerry Grossman) would go into detail explaining what is right or wrong. He gave clear descriptions. '

Alpha Infante, AMFT (5/11/18)

The manner in which Dr. Sirota was able to simplify the material was one of the most helpful aspects of the class as Dr. Sirota was vibrant, practical and honest which made grasping the material much simpler. I am a huge fan of Dr. Sirota teaching style. I have intentions of taking the class again.

LuCresha Langley, MFTA (4/10/18)

This class was so helpful. I have been really Nervous about taking the MFT test and I wasn't sure if I should spend the extra money on the live course. I am so glad I did. Not only did our presenter (Natalie Liberman) help on how to study, the little tricks to remember everything, but how to break down the questions. Thank you so much, I now feel I can do this & pass and my anxiety has gone way down.

Diana Barnes-Fox, AMFT (4/8/18)

Natalie is an amazing instructor. I left the seminar feeling more confident in my ability to pass the clinical exam!

Kimberly Caparso, AMFT (4/8/18)

First of all thank you Mr. Gerry Grossman for facilitating this seminar. All the information provided was useful, relevant and most importantly applicable to our upcoming task in passing the MFT Clinical exam. This class was practical and practicing and reviewing questions with Gerry was the best.

Eric Aldaco, AMFT (3/21/18)

I wanted to thank you for your program. I have a strong faith in God and believed for Him to help me with resources and you were the one provided! God moved away the mountain!

I have recommended to everyone out there struggling with all these people/programs who claim they can help you. And for some it may. But I tell them, "if it's not broken and it worked for decades why try anything else."

I loved your program and not only did it help me pass, but be a better therapist with all the knowledge I gained. I tried 3 times and this program worked the best. The only regret is that I didn't do it sooner! I was honored to be in your class with all the interaction. Cheers!

Yolanda Gonzalez, LMFT (3/20/18)

I want to send my appreciation to Gerry and his staff for helping me pass my EXAM. I had tried another study guide material and unfortunately did not pass my first L&E Exam. For my second time taking the L&E Exam, I chose to purchase Gerry Grossman package as well as the Primrose (the mock Law and Ethics exam) that was offered. While I was studying I did feel confident and relaxed, but the best advice that Gerry gave me was to complete the whole program and do the Test Banks. The Test Banks were extremely helpful. I was prepared with what Gerry provided. Thanks!

Eric Chavez, AMFT (3/20/18)

The test strategies were awesome, these are techniques I will take with me in the exam. No other study guides offer these tips so I'm very appreciative of them. I loved the workshop...very informative. Gerry is so down to earth and funny. I feel confident with the tools I now have that I WILL PASS!

Kay Ramsey, AMFT (3/17/18)

First of all, thank you Mr. Gerry Grossman for facilitating this seminar. All the information provided was useful, relevant and most importantly applicable to our upcoming task in passing the MFT Clinical exam. This class was practical and practicing and reviewing questions with Gerry was the best.

Eric Aldaco, AMFT (3/17/18)

The most helpful aspects of this class were the way the instructor (Gerry Grossman) explained the different methods of breaking down the question and how to eliminate two of the answers to where you had a choice to pick from only two answers left.

Thurman Jackson, AMFT (3/17/18)

Learning new strategies on how to eliminate turkeys to find the best answer to each question.

Jamie Munoz, AMFT (3/17/18)

Dr. Hernandez is a knowledgable and skilled teacher, approachable, and teaches practical test-taking strategies and relevant content that I need as an MFT.

Harimandir Khalsa, AMFT (3/10/18)

I'm officially an LMFT!! Thank you, Gerry, for all that you do! I recall downloading your app onto my phone during grad school to help begin preparing for this test back in 2013, so you've been a part of my journey this whole time! I found the 2-day seminar and the mock exams to be extremely helpful, as well as the practice quizzes that could be specified to a topic that I was not doing well on during the mocks. It was a TON of information, so I just tried to focus on what I thought I struggled with the most and then just take the test to see where I stood. And I passed! First time around :)

I will definitely recommend your program to co-workers and colleagues, emphasizing the workshops that you offered as these personally helped me the most. And I look forward to taking your CE courses as well now that I'm officially licensed.

Thank you again, Gerry!!

Elise Bui, M.A., LMFT (3/1/18)

Probably most helpful are the exam insights, and ways to approach the exam - eliminating possible answers, and narrowing down the possibilities to choose from, etc. Second most helpful was the overview of the theories - it definitely got me back into the school-mode of really considering what the theories are and WHY we do the things we do with our clients. So I expect it will not only help me on the exam, but also provide some re-focusing for my clinical practice. Second most helpful was the overview of the theories - it definitely got me back into the school-mode of really considering what the theories are and WHY we do the things we do with our clients. So I expect it will not only help me on the exam, but also provide some re-focusing for my clinical practice.

Elizabeth Sterbenz, AMFT (2/25/18)


Thank you so much ... I am not sure I would have passed without it. I participated in the seminar September 17 & 24 and took the test on 12/22. Everything about the material was valuable and necessary. I told two of my friends, who also purchased your material and both passed. So again, thank you so much!

Glenda Rivers, LMFT (1/31/18)

Years of experience and stories by Les [Farber] made the material easier to
understand. His way of teaching was clear, concise and supportive of our
learning goals while keeping me engaged. All questions were answered and
he went out of his way to make sure all students understood the
material. Great class!

Jessica Sparks, AMFT (1/22/18)

Helpful aspects of this class: the balance of new information....and test taking suggestions....and reviewing questions and answers...

Michael Lushing (12/17/17)

The energy and interactions were engaging and kept it interesting and
fun too. Gerry you are awesome and a genius! My confidence level with
the information obtained boosted my confidence level. Thank-you for all
that you do. I am believing I will get this CCE done and pass! I hope to
report next month. PASS

Yolanda Gonzalez (12/17/17)

Excellent rapport with students. Explanation of how to choose the best answer. Encouragement in how to study for the exam. Positive outlook in general and sympathetic regarding student concerns regarding the exam.

Ellen Capener (12/17/17)

I am deeply grateful to Gerry Grossman Seminars for their courses, I had Patricia and Natalie, and they were born wonderful, each with their unique teaching style. The materials were very thorough, including the flash cards and online test banks, which I found were a significant part of my success. Also the power points and all other materials were helpful! I would recommend to others preparing to embark upon the examination process! Also, I came across such caring associates regarding questions in handling my online account. Best wishes to all at GSS!!!

Rosie Arakelyan, LCSW (12/15/17)

It's been a long journey for me with the MFT licensing process, and I knew giving up wasn't an option. I invested too much time and money in pursuit of this. My entire journey was using a program that wasn't GGS, and as I embarked on the journey to tackle the exam again, I thought to myself "let me see what Gerry has to offer!" Seeing that you offer in-person courses and a live mock exam was the selling point for me. The live classes taught by you were such a confidence boost. I didn't tell anyone my exam date just that I was prepping for my exam, so that I knew I was doing this exam for me, not just to give people around me an answer (this helped me relieve so much pressure).

I used the initial time before clicking "begin" to write down all my key concepts for my theories (which I didn't even reference throughout because I guess they were implanted in my head, but I feared my anxiety would take control of my knowledge) and then I proceeded to fold my paper 10x 5 folds, resulting in 50 rectangular boxes. I labeled the boxes and created all my appropriate lines, took a deep breath and began the exam. A battle of mine through this process was battling my spouts of insecurities that would pop into my head as I went through the exam: "what if I fail again?" "Am I not good enough?" I had to use thought stopping techniques to stop & refocus on the exam. It's with great pleasure to inform you that I took the Clinical MFT exam today and I passed using the techniques learned in the Koala mock exam & your 2-day course. The multi-answer sets were the most challenging for me in my previous attempts and I'm so glad I postponed my exam to attend the Koala exam with Adriane. My experience with GGS has been super and definitely worth the early morning drive from San Diego to LA for the classes. Thank you!

Jami Feroozan, LMFT (11/14/17)

This class helped me to review all pertinent information that may be on the exam, as well as provide insight as to what topics I needed to delve into further. Additionally, Gerry helped us to learn test-taking strategies that will help us to clarify what is being asked, how to weed-out false answers, and how to manage our time well during the exam.

Elise (11/4/17)

I just wanted to thank you guys for your support and awesome products. I used your materials for my Law and Ethics Exam as well as the Clinical Exam for the LMFT. I took a class with Rebekka Helford, plus I used the online test bank, the audio lectures, and the flash cards. I felt very prepared for both exams and have been very happy with your materials. I recommend your products to everyone I know who is in the process of studying!! Thanks again!!

Dave Grammer, LMFT (10/2/17)

Thanks to GGS, I passed my first time on both MFT exams! Highly recommend!

Keith Amador (10/2/17)

Gerry was patient with us and highly organized in his presentation.

Norma Huerta (9/25/17)

I would like you to know that I passed both my L & E and Clinical exam. Your material helped me to prepare well. Thank you so much!

Marlies Rosmark (9/24/17)

I truly enjoyed the videos that Natalie showed us to help in illustrating certain aspects of the training. I also enjoyed Natalie's enthusiasm about the material and her extensive knowledge on the subject.

Dalia Sanchez (9/24/17)

I especially liked the way Rocio incorporated class comments into her lecture. She has a way of having class participation without letting the flow of the class bog down.I really needed to hear more about how the patient's chart is divided up.

Marcia Dean. (9/23/17)

I passed! Thanks so much for a great service. Gerry's seminar which taught me the coding system was great! Pam Sirota was a very helpful seminar leader as well. The ability to do 20 question quizzes which focus on specific content areas was invaluable to my studying. GGS is great! Keep up the good work.

Matthew Janse (9/18/17)

I wanted to thank the program for preparing me with the proper test prep materials and lecture. I used Therapist Development Center which did not prepare me for the clinical exam like the Gerry Grossman program did. I took the test a second time on September 2 using the gerry grossman practice tests and went to the lecture in April which gave me the confidence I needed as well and passed! I highly recommend this program over the others because it was more helpful than the others I used.

Rachel H. LMFT (9/9/17)

I wanted to thank the program for preparing me with the proper test prep materials and lecture. I used Therapist Development Center which did not prepare me for the clinical exam like the Gerry Grossman program did. I took the test a second time on September 2 using the gerry grossman practice tests and went to the lecture in April which gave me the confidence I needed as well and passed! I highly recommend this program over the others because it was more helpful than the others I used.
Thank you!

Rachel H. LMFT (9/4/17)

Thank you Gerry Grossman Seminars for helping me to pass the Law and Ethics Exam!! I benefited tremendously from studying the law and ethics content in a variety of exam prep materials. I look forward to beginning studying for the clinical exam with Gerry Grossman seminars! Sincerely, Julie G.

Julie Greenberg (9/1/17)

All the material was helpful especially treatment of minors.

Cynthia Jones, MFTI (8/30/17)

I passed on my first try using your program. Thank Natlie and you for the teaching methods that really do work!! God bless you both.

Cassandra A. (8/23/17)

Thank you! Your program was the best due to the structured, methodical approach. GGS prepared me well for the exam with plenty of hands-on practice and review of rationales. My style! Thank you ever so much!

Karie Klim, LMFT (8/18/17)

Your exam preparation materials were very helpful to me. I passed Law & Ethics Exam the first time.

Manuel Aguirre, MFTI (8/18/17)

Information was very clearly laid out and presented. The handouts are great! Gerry did an amazing job handling the multicultural counseling component. Too often I've seen instructors present this information in an off-putting way. Gerry gave us the information needed to do well on the test and explained its limitations. In general, the manner in which Gerry delivered information was great. Nonjudgmental and encouraging!

Andrew Chen, MFTI (8/7/17)

Information was very clearly laid out and presented. The handouts are great! Gerry did an amazing job handling the multicultural counseling component. Too often I've seen instructors present this information in an off-putting way. Gerry gave us the information needed to do well on the test and explained its limitations. In general, the manner in which Gerry delivered information was great. Nonjudgmental and encouraging!

Andrew Chen (8/6/17)

Mr. Farber provided relevant information that has already improved my test taking skills.

Roshonda Cureton (7/22/17)

I loved the way the instructor (Rebekka Helford, MA, LMFT) was able to break down concepts. Very helpful.

Tiffanee Parhams-Jones (7/21/17)

Suzanne was amazing she was able to provide a completely different approach to the exam that really made put all the pieces together for me. I failed the exam when studying with TDC, however I feel confident and knowledgeable with all that Suzanne provided me with!!!

Beverly Baldwin (7/20/17)

I want to say GGS prep materials, workshops, and instructors have been the best and helped me pass the CCE exam for MFT. I will continue to use GGS for continuing education units because they have a variety of courses in different areas in CA. The infrastructure of this agency is solid and immaculate. I felt confident having attended their 2-day workshop for the CCE and Natalie Lieberman is an amazing clinician and instructor who gives you tips on how to study smarter. Thank you Gerry Grossman! I will be seeing you around very soon!

Laura Criado (7/9/17)

I want to say GGS prep materials, workshops, and instructors have been the best and helped me pass the CCE exam for MFT. I will continue to use GGS for continuing education units because they have a variety of courses in different areas in CA. The infrastructure of this agency is solid and immaculate. I felt confident having attended their 2-day workshop for the CCE and Natalie Lieberman is an amazing clinician and instructor who gives you tips on how to study smarter. Thank you Gerry Grossman! I will be seeing you around very soon!

Laura Criado, LMFT (7/9/17)

Taking this class helped put me back in focus on why I got my degree. The licensure process is intimidating and this seminar helped put it all into focus. It was great to see the materials in person. Overall I'm so glad I attended!

Rosa Ray (7/9/17)

Natalie provides amazing instruction on how to study the test and how to prepare for taking the test. I am satisfied with everything that was provided at this program. The location was perfect, the class size helped with learning, and the instructor was outstanding. I look forward to other workshops.

Robelle Church (6/26/17)

Natalie laid out the very complex tactics and content types for the CCE in a very entertaining, reassuring, and clear manner. Natalie handled the amount of material with great clarity. Natalie's warmth and humor were a big factor in how I was able to engage with the material in a constructive way. She's a delightful person and I really enjoyed working with her.

Lynn Flewelling (6/26/17)

Natalie- She is a fantastic teacher. Very knowledgeable and is passionate about her work. Enjoyed every minute of the class.

Barbara Benavidez (6/25/17)

The relevant current up dated study materials. Rich in class interaction. Supportive encouragement from Gerry Grossman.

Gloria Ann Young-Thomas (6/4/17)

The video portion was helpful, easy to access and the end of the video quizzes were comprehensive as well.

Flor Martinez (5/9/17)

The interaction, the humor, and the wording was broken down to easy understand.

Eric Chavez (5/2/17)

Content was targeted to my needs. The way Natalie explained theories was helpful and I feel ready to take the exam.

Laura Criado (5/1/17)

Suzanne was very knowledgeable and was able to explain some confusing topics easily. She gave great explanations that will stay with me for the test as well as for work. I would actually consider taking the 2+ hour drive again if Suzanne offered another class. She was definitely worth the drive!

Dena Masuda (4/22/17)

Great training. It helped me to stimulate my critical thinking and paying attention to details. I love Grossman Seminar trainings. :-)

Elvia Escobar (4/8/17)

The instructor's knowledge and efficient and effective method of presentation.. Overall I was impressed with the use of writing for healing and its effectiveness as presented. Dr Anderson is a really good presenter and obviously has extensive knowledge of the subject,

Laura Powell (3/27/17)

Gerry's sense of humor along with his expertise and professionalism. Excellent Powerpoint worksheet and slides. Well-designed and user-friendly supporting written book and additional sheets. This is, by far, the best Law/Ethics course I've taken. Thank you very much.

Natalie White (2/27/17)

I am so happy to write this testimonial. I want to say "Thank you Gerry" for your MFT exam study program with test bank, mock exam and individual tutoring. I also want to say "Thank you SO much Natalie!" I think Natalie Liberman is the best teacher; not only her test taking strategies were really helpful to pass my two exams (Law and Ethics &Clinical exam), but also her knowledge and experiences were awesome to develop my therapeutic professional skills and confidence. GGS practice tests were very close in format to the question stems used by the BBS. I passed the Law and Ethics exam in 2016 and also passed the Clinical MFT exam and just received the result (1/19/2017).

With many blessings,
Minsook Kim

Minsook Kim (2/9/17)

Passed on my first try!

Through my experience, I can say with complete certainty that the Gerry Grossman test prep materials are thorough, user friendly and current with BBS testing questions. I feel that the Gerry Grossman flashcards, audio resources and online practice test banks are designed extremely well and truly prepare the user to pass the CA Law and Ethics and CA Clinical exams.

Heather Richardson, LMFT (12/8/16)

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the work you have put in developing the study material for the MFT Clinical exam prep. The work you put in and the work I put in studying the material and taking the two day seminar really paid off. I PASSED the MFT Clinical exam on 11/17/2016. If ever I am asked which prep material did I use, I can say without a doubt Gerry Grossman, your test banks are awesome as well as the study material I received. It is safe for me to say, I will be using your CE courses within the coming year. Once again, thank you for making such great resources.

Jory Irons, LMFT (11/30/16)

The exam prep material was all I studied and I felt over prepared during the exam because your program was right on target.

Anna Drabicki, LMFT (11/29/16)

I've been waiting for this moment for quite a while. Today I'm writing you to share the good news. On Veteran's Day last weekend, I passed the grueling clinical portion of the BBS exam. A wealth of gratitude goes to you for your excellent exam prep materials and in class instruction, not to mention your encouragement and sense of humor. I'll be recommending interns your way.

Marc Roman, LMFT (11/16/16)

Hi! I passed the Clinical exam on July 28, 2016. Your test banks helped me pass the exam, thank you for all your help.

Justine Ruotolo, LMFT (9/29/16)

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! I just passed my Law & Ethics exam and am going to start prepping for the Clinical MFT Exam. Thanks for the materials! Couldn't have done it without you!

Leah Garza, MFTI (8/22/16)

I wanted to write a quick note to inform you that I passed the Law and Ethics class on 8/1/16 using your materials. I found your system well organized and easy to understand and use. I am 70 years old and had my doubts about my own abilities when I took the first few practice tests but, after I got to better understand the reasoning behind your approach, I was able to watch my scores steadily improve as I continued to follow the course of study. This was a great confidence builder going into the exam as were the flash cards for ease of study in unexpected situations, such as waiting for a car to be repaired, or missed appointments by clients on a tightly scheduled day, etc. In the actual exam I found your practice tests had been very close in format to the question stems used by the BBS and were excellent at preparing me to actually get to the key meanings and improved my focusing abilities on the details that separated one answer from a "better" one. I have already received the materials for the clinical exam and have started my preparation.

John Avitabile, MFTI (8/22/16)

"I think the GGS package of an overview in-class experience of the California Clinical exam content, a full and hefty package of printed materials to study, a 12-week study plan, and a comprehensive online computer test bank is absolutely unbeatable!"

Martin Rickler, M.A., Ph.D, LMFT (8/19/16)

I recently passed the Law & Ethics exam. The study materials that I purchased from Gerry Grossman Seminars was a tremendous help.I will be studying for the clinical exam soon and have already started purchasing study materials from you. Thank you so much for such detailed materials!! I've been recommending them to all of my friends who are studying for the exams.

Janet (8/4/16)

"I took the test today and passed! Thank you so much! Your test preparation course and materials were awesome!!!"

Nellie Hernandez, MFTI (6/27/16)

Dear Gerry: I have passed both exams. Since I could, I took your review course, AATBS and Rowan. Your materials and test banks were the best, by far. Also, your classes and teachers were the best of the three programs, in my opinion. Also, very important to me was that you were personally available. I don't know if you remember but one Saturday night, I was studying and suddenly could not get into the program. Of course, I thought it was the program's fault! In a panic, because I had limited time to study and did not want to miss out on being able to do so, I emailed you at the email address on your website. You personally called me within minutes. By that time I had figured out MY error and handled the problem myself but the fact that you were there and responsive meant a lot to me. Thank you, very much.

Bobette Fleishman, LMFT, JD (6/23/16)

Thank you, I passed the 1st of my licensing exams - the MFT L&E exam.

Regardless of how nervous and unsure I was, with the help of the class, and materials I passed. Gerry you said I'd be ready when I finished all the practice exams and that was true. I made sure I saved a couple of exams for the night before which I finished.

I looked forward to my classes for the Clinical (which I pre-purchased) and being able to report my success on that as well.

Bernard Douglas, MFTI (6/20/16)

Happy to say that yesterday I passed the law and ethics test for MFT licensure. The Grossman study material was responsible.

Phil Spazek (6/8/16)

The instruction was phenomenal for preparing me for the exam. It was helpful because I was taught how to read the questions and really determine what a question was asking for. Because of that, my decsion-making process became easier. I learned how to distinguish between legal and ethical concept and how to articulate them. The combination of the classroom instruction, the Mock Law & Ethics exam experience and using the testbank really reduced my anxiety the day of the exam. I felt ultra prepared.

Natasha McCool (5/31/16)

I am pleased to say that I passed my second of two BBS exams on March 17th. After waiting 5 weeks thereafter, received my license number online and it's official: I am an MFT, licensed to practice in the state of California!

Thank you for helping me in this journey. All of the Books, Quizzes, Mock Exams, and Weekend classes, etc., offered through GGS were entirely worth the purchase!

Matthew Nickel, LMFT (3/17/16)

To Gerry Grossman:

I wanted to let you know that I completed and passed both MFT Licensing Exams before the end of the year thanks to your programs and personal encouragement. You recommended that I do the Fast Track given my particular circumstances and I felt prepared.

Thank You!

Warmest Regards,

Genia Young, LMFT (1/18/16)

I took the prep courses for both the standard written exam and the clinical vignette exams. Not only were they helpful in preparation for the exams, but it also contributed to my overall professional development. Nancy Klein is very knowledgeable, passionate and energetic. I found Nancy's test taking strategies to be very helpful. Nancy was upbeat throughout the feedback process for the Mock exams and was able to nicely integrate both her expertise and humor during this process. As a result, the learning process was enjoyable, professional and informative.

John Andrade, LMFT (7/19/15)

First try and passed the written!!! Studying for the next one now!

Marsha Fernandez (7/17/15)

Dear Mr. Grossman,

I wanted to say "thank you" for helping me in preparing for my MFT Written test and the Vignette Test! I passed the Vignette on June 25th and it feels great.

I am currently in Oregon and I wanted you to know how helpful I found your video streaming class (for the vignette). I really enjoyed your calm and encouraging personality as well. It brought back good memories of enjoying certain professors' energy as well as some of their dynamic lectures.

Thanks again.

Shannon Kearney, LMFT (7/10/15)

Wow, I passed the first time!!! The test was pretty challenging, but I am thankful I took the classes!!! They really helped me to focus on what was important!

Jennifer Philips (7/2/15)

Pam Sirota is one of the most dedicated, caring, and intelligent teachers I've ever had. She not only knows the material thoroughly, but also she takes the time to brainstorm creative ways for her students to learn. I know for certain that I would not be the therapist I am today without learning from Pam. She taught me not only to be a better student, but also to be a strong professional and a caring person. Thank you, Pam for all you do to help develop clinicians in our field!

Kelley Stevens (6/23/15)

Just wanted to let you all know (and thank you!), I passed my clinical vignette exam on the 30th and now I'm waiting for my license number! Thanks so much for the help of the program! I know it made a huge difference!

Best wishes,

Yvonne K. (MFT to be) (5/30/15)

Anyone who wants to pass this exam should absolutely complete your test banks and have the written information on hand. I am quite clear that graduating Summa Cum Laude from my Masters program would not have helped me pass on the first try. This purchase is a no-brainer! Thank you Gerry!

Lorrie Fisher, LMFT (5/26/15)

I passed the WCV exam on the first try - thanks to you. I have to say that it was the hardest exam I have ever taken and I had the distinct impression that I had failed as I had no sense of whether I had responded correctly to the questions. When the computer results came up saying I had passed, I burst into tears, I was so shocked and relieved. I don't think I would have passed this exam if I hadn't taken your course - it taught me how to think about the questions in a way that, even under pressure and without confidence, helped me choose the correct answers.

Thank you, K. O. (5/15/15)

I am licensed!! I passed the clinical vignette today. I am so glad that I drove all the way up to LA for your classes. It was so worth it. The test was so difficult, a lot of the answers didn't make any sense. I am so happy I passed! Thanks so much!!

Ida Khamesy, LMFT (4/20/15)

I wanted to say thank you for all of the study materials. I had taken the Vignette exam twice before just using the materials and missed it by one point. This time I used the online class and it was what got me over the hump. I learned so much in the class that I didn't know before. If I had not taken that class I know I would not have passed the test. Thank you again. :-)

Amber Bersi (3/17/15)

Thank you!!! The test banks were very helpful; it gave me a clear idea of what I needed to focus on and amazing practice for the test.

Ana Rodriguez, LMFT (1/31/15)

Dear Gerry,
It is my greatest pleasure to write this testimonial in support of your MFT Exam Study Materials. Gerry, you are indeed the leader in providing the best MFT licensing preparation materials! Your program is AWESOME, and your teachers are just great! Your program is highly structured and has a systematic approach to learning all the necessary aspects of each exam. I love your sense of humor, because it reduced my anxiety level significantly every time I was about to lose hope. I passed both MFT exams, the Standard Written Exam in July and WCV on 12/29/14. Gerry, I could not have passed without your help and support. Every single detail that you have provided in the preparation materials, and for both exams were vital, and I therefore unreservedly recommend this program to all pre-licensed MFTs. Thank you so much for your kind heart, your understanding of what it takes for us to pass these exams, and making yourself available to your students in every possible way. I am certain that without your help, my success would not have been possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With love,

Mitra R., Ph.D., L.M.F.T. (1/21/15)

Thank you to the Grossman family for helping me through the exams!! The techniques and practice tests attributed to my confidence and fine-tuned my ability to pass the exams.

Thank you truly and sincerely grateful,

D. Chen, LMFT (1/13/15)

Thank you Gerry Grossman for preparing me for the exams. I felt confident going into both exams and passed both exams on the first try. The test banks were beyond helpful and I have learned so much knowledge that will help me in my career as a LMFT. I will recommend GGS to everyone who ask me.

Veronica Gallacher, LMFT (1/6/15)

Thank you very much for helping me with this process, I am so grateful for your thorough materials and awesome teachers. I will be recommending your courses to all my colleagues that are beginning this process.

Ania Foster, LMFT (1/1/15)

Great appreciation and respect for [instructor] Andrew Teton.

William Gale, LMFT (12/26/14)

Thanks, wonderful study materials!

Ronnie Potts, LMFT (12/19/14)

Hello Gerry Grossman Seminars Staff,
I am writing to say thank you!
I passed my Standard Written Exam on 7/28/2014, and my Clinical Vignette Exam on 10/27/2014. I passed both exams on my first try. The preparation material, courses, and mock exams were very helpful.
Thank you again!"

S. R., LMFT (10/30/14)

Thank you for the very good studying materials. It worked!

Diane Camurat, LMFT (8/12/14)

I am a picky consumer—always complaining, suggesting better and different ways, and pointing out small observances. Gerry answered my questions and concerns as a neutral, centered therapist! In short, if I had not gone through the GGS study process, I would never have passed. Although an A-student, I did not want to take any chances and I purchased the full GGS package for the first exam as well as the CV exam. …. The staff at GGS accommodated my changes, and gave me good advice on the path I should take at each step of the way. There was a method to the GGS teaching that seemed to work superbly. I would suggest anyone attempting the MFT exams to not beat about the bush and simply purchase the whole package for peace of mind.

Goolrukh Vakil, PhD (Psychology, transpersonal orientation), MFT, MS (Immunology) (7/10/14)

Hi, I passed my second exam last September and my first one in late July!! Both on my first try. I opened up a private practice in Redondo Beach in January and it's going great! Yay! Thanks for all the support and guidance!

Amy McNamara, LMFT (7/10/14)

Pleased that I passed each on first attempt - thanks to the Grossman prep work!!

John DeRoy, LMFT (7/8/14)

I signed up for another service to study for the MFT clinical vignettes, and continued struggling to pass the practice tests until a co-worker if mine recommended Gerry Grossman's study materials. Once I began using them I found the language to be easier to comprehend and the reasoning for correct/incorrect answers made more sense. I began scoring much higher, felt better about my chances for passing, was less anxious, and the best part.....I passed the test!!!!

Dr. Kathie Kimsey, MFT, EdD (7/6/14)

Thank you! I strongly believe your prep books and tips are extremely beneficial and the test banks are helpful to practice the tools, slowing down but also maintaining my time. Thank you so much!

Rebecca Villalpando, LMFT (6/7/14)

After failing the vignette exam twice I decided to try the Gerry Grossman treatment planning seminar. I drove 200 miles to attend, but it was totally worth the trip! I gained additional insight that I overlooked the other times and I passed the exam 2 days later! Thanks Gerry.

Antionette, LMFT (6/6/14)

I feel like I learned a tremendous amount studying with the GGS materials. They made me into a more knowledgeable therapist. ... Bottom Line: I'm ambivalent about the exam - glad I passed but doubt it tapped what I'd learned. But I'm not ambivalent about GGS. I learned a lot and I'm a better therapist for it.

Joan Willicombe, LMFT (5/26/14)

I recently passed both parts of the MFT exam the first time, which I don't think I could have done without the wonderful Gerry Grossman courses. While I think the materials were excellent, and the mock exams invaluable, the real value to the courses is the instructors. I have had many of them teach the classes, and each one is excellent. Not only do they teach the material in a coherent manner, but their many helpful tips on HOW to take the exam were so important. It was that information that enabled me to enter the exam in a more relaxed and confident manner. I would…and have…recommended the Grossman courses to MFT candidates. Thanks so much Gerry.

Dianne Gorsey, LMFT (3/29/14)

I used the Grossman study materials and passed both exams. The study guide helped me to review the content that I needed to know. I also used your mock exams and the Vignette test bank. They allowed me to become familiar with the actual format of the exams and prepared me well for the tests. Your materials work - thanks so much!

I.B., LMFT (1/29/14)

The test banks are really helpful in terms of helping to see what is it that they are testing me on and capturing the rationale of their questions.

Joy C., LMFT (1/28/14)

I passed! I don't think I could have done it without the Gerry Grossman materials, classes and test banks. I passed both the Written and Vignette on the first try. Thanks, Gerry Grossman!

Christina Kohfield, LMFT (1/20/14)

I want to send a big thanks to Gerry Grossman and all the teachers for all the help and support provided to me. It all worked together at the end and I finally became licensed.

Ada Frey, LMFT (1/10/14)

I passed the Standard Written Exam the first time around! Your program provided a helpful structure for studying! The online test bank was especially useful in gauging my progress. I'll continue to use your materials to prepare for the second (vignette) part of the test and will let you know how I do. Thank you for helping me to succeed thus far.

K. Sommer (1/1/14)

Just want to thank GGS specially Dr. Pam Sirota for her patience and dedication. I learned a lot from her. Thank you again. I am very happy.

Guillermo Silva-Rodrigo, LMFT (11/19/13)

I passed both exams on the first try and I passed the WCV yesterday. It is a huge relief right before my holidays. My supervisor highly recommended me to take your prep courses and I took both Standard Written Exam and Written Clinical Vignette courses. I have a learned a lot from your testbanks and your study materials, including materials I did not even learn in my grad. program. Your instructors are fun, engaging, and supportive and they responded immediately whenever I had questions. I would highly recommend Gerry Grossman's study program for other interns. Thank you once again!

Grace Liu, Psy. D, LMFT (11/5/13)

I used the test banks for the written exam and the clinical vignette and I passed them both. Thank you for guiding me through this process. I am now licensed in California and I also passed the National exam. Thanks again!!!

M. Garcia, LMFT (11/4/13)

Thanks Gerry and team for all of your resources and help! I passed the exam bc of the prep I received from your testbanks, instructors, etc.

Kristen T., LMFT (10/14/13)

I am writing to express how tremendously helpful the Gerry Grossman exam prep was in my success to licensure. When I first opened up the box of the Gerry Grossman materials for both exams, I thought to myself, "There's no way I can do this! It's too daunting!" After taking a moment to breathe deeply, I starting to look at the materials to find a very structured and systematic approach to learning all the necessary aspects of each exam. For the Standard Written exam, I found the testbank to be invaluable in terms of preparation for the exam-day experience. For the Clinical Vignette, Gerry Grossman relies heavily on mnemonics, which initially I told myself I would not memorize - it felt too daunting to memorize the mnemonics and the phrases that help one to remember the mnemonics. However, I eventually decided that it was necessary to take this step. When I sat for the clinical vignette exam, the first thing I found myself doing was writing down all the mnemonics. During this exam, these were a necessary guideline in answering questions, so I encourage anyone contemplating whether to use the mnemonics or not, to please do so - you will want to have this reliable help during the exam. The other strategy Gerry Grossman employs is the grid system for the clinical vignette that helps examinees determine the best answer. Again, I initially thought, "I'm not going to utilize that - it'll take too much time." However, I put my faith in Gerry's strategy and adopted this approach to answer sets. Turns out, it was invaluable during the exam, and I encourage anyone taking the clinical vignette to trust the strategy. After waiting nearly 8 months for the BBS to approve my exam application, I was intent on passing the exams the first time. Had I not utilized the Gerry Grossman study materials and adopted his strategy, I'm convinced I would not have passed either exam the first time. I strongly endorse and recommend Gerry Grossman's exam prep materials - they work!

Very sincerely,

Debbie W., MA, LMFT (9/27/13)

Thank you for your help with both exams! I couldn't have done it without you!

Gail D., LMFT (8/17/13)

There is no way I could have passed my tests without the help of the GGS material and classes. The structure and methods presented on how to take the test made the difference. It was well worth the investment and I would suggest to any intern struggling to digest so much information to consider purchasing the material. In addition, GGS staff was there for me and answered any questions I had and were always encouraging with their comments. Thank you GGS!!!

Victoria T., LMFT (8/8/13)

I want to thank you, Mr. Grossman, for producing wonderful study guides and courses. I am pleased to say that I passed both the MFT Standard Written and Clinical Vignette exams on the first try and within one month of each other. I would not have passed without purchasing the best study material in the industry. I am your walking testimony! Thank you!!!

Cynthia F., LMFT (8/6/13)

Hi Gerry and staff,
I just wanted to inform you that on Dec. 28th of 2012 I passed the second MFT exam on the first try! I have been in a happy shock since then. Your program helped in many ways. The thorough coverage of information helped me familiarize myself with the many things that the tests focus on. The classes helped me to see what I needed to prepare, including handling the anxiety which was a big aspect for me. Also, I met some in the first class I attended who told me of their experiences and this helped me learn from their successes and failures.
Your experienced teachers are very reassuring. Also your services like help with putting the hours packet together to apply for the test were invaluable. That seemingly simple process had so many details that for a clerically challenged person like myself it was huge to have it checked out so that the BBS could clearly verify my hours. They did accept my hours and I was able to go forward without the nightmares I have heard of hours being rejected due to a clerical error.
Finally, the hypnosis session I did with you, Gerry, was great. Your voice transmits a lot of kindness and reassuring confidence. Your interview of me in prep for the recording you sent was such a moving experience that I was brought to tears. In the crucial times, I was able to handle my anxiety very well on test days.
All in all, I feel I was very well accompanied through the process of this very challenging final step into a new professional stage. You, your staff and the classes and various services were there for me when I truly needed support.

Robert G., LMFT (1/31/13)

I used Gerry Grossman Seminars as my study materials for both MFT exams, and although expensive, it was worth every cent. I purchased the BBS MFT Exam prep complete package. I wouldn't suggest anything less. I used all of the tools provided to study, the CD's (while driving), on line exam practices, the books and the flashcards. What was most helpful was the online practice test. I liked the fact that there wasn't a limit on how many times you could take a practice exam, and in fact I took hundreds of them. What Gerry Grossman did most for me was prepare me on how to master taking the exam, so when the time came, not only was I familiar with the material and questions presented, but I was familiar with the exam style.
I was totally prepared and passed both exams on the first try!


Alexis W., LMFT (1/7/13)

I wasn't sure if paying the money for the prep course for my MFT exam was something I was going to do because I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to the classes or if I should study on my own. However, after much deliberation between my husband and I, I decided to go for it and paid for the classes. I'm very glad that I did since I have two very active boys (ages 1 and 4), and working full time I needed something that would help me focus on what is necessary to know to pass. I gave myself 3 months to go to the classes to pass the exam, and with the guidance of the teachers and the study prep materials I did it. I passed both, and I'm very thankful for all the help Gerry and the teachers provided me to reach my goal. Thank you so much.

Susan L., LMFT (12/28/12)

I wanted to thank you Gerry Grossman for your assistance in preparing for the CA state MFT test. I was not prepared prior to taking the written exam prep course. I was anxious and unsure how to prepare. Upon completion of the course in April I was prepared and ready. I passed the written test in May the first time. I was not able to take the second course, however, the study materials were invaluable. I read the study tips, vignettes and took the online practice test. Thank you, Gerry, I took the clinical test this December and passed. I believe your assistance made this possible.

E. O., LMFT (12/28/12)

I passed!! Such a huge relief right before the holidays! Thank you for all the help...Gerry Grossman is the best!

D., LMFT (12/28/12)

Using the Grossman preparation was exactly what I needed to get me thinking the way I needed to pass the exams. I would recommend the Grossman test preparation to anyone who wants to know how prepare. Thank you for helping me get my license!

Sue C., LMFT (11/21/12)

Thank you!! After taking the Gerry Grossman study course, I felt very prepared and confident. During the exams I was amazed at how on point my studying had been and this made the test process less stressful. You do have to follow the recommended study guidelines, which I did, to be successful. I was so happy to pass both tests the first time. I would highly recommend the Gerry Grossman Study Program.


Elizabeth H., LMFT (11/10/12)

I passed my WCV Exam this afternoon...best holiday gift! I want to thank you for preparing me so well. I took your courses for both the 1st and 2nd exams and felt very prepared going into the exams. I could not have passed without your help! I'm also grateful to Kristen Hudson, whom I saw for individual tutoring. She patiently and thoroughly clarified some of the confusing legal issues for me. Thank you again, GGS! You made my year!

Laura P., LMFT (9/17/12)

Hi Gerry and Gang!

I passed the clinical vignette exam this last Friday, 6/22. I'm so happy! I attended all 3 classes as well as the treatment planning course and mock exam and followed the study guide outlined in the blue book. They were EXTREMELY helpful! After failing it the first time back in November (without Gerry), I knew I needed to come back to GGS (as I did for the first test) and do it right! I will definitely be recommending that all my colleagues and grad school buddies follow the same study regimen! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Allison H., MS, LMFT (6/25/12)

I am certain, without a doubt, that the reason I passed both MFT exams is due to Gerry Grossman Seminars. I took all of the workshops which were both informative and interesting. In order to synthesize the material, I used the on-line testbanks over and over, reading the rationals for both correct and incorrect answer sets. The MFT exams are more than memorization, understanding application, and reasoning. There is also strategy to taking these tests that I finally understood as a result of using all of information available to me through Gerry Grossman Seminars. A few days before the vignette exam I had a hypnotherapy session with Gerry to quell my test anxiety. It was extremely helpful, and I was able to listen to the CD of the session several times before the exam, each time falling into a deep state of hypnosis. The session put a positive slant on the testing day for me, which really helped when I went in to sit for the exam. I am ever grateful for all of the tools I was able to access in order to succeed in meeting my long time goal of becoming an LMFT.

Mari C., MA (waiting for LMFT License in the mail) (4/18/12)



Ellen B., LMFT (3/15/12)

Dear Gerry (and Pam and Kristen and Peter),

Thank you for everything you do!! I passed the Written Exam on Nov. 16th. Then went straight into the CV class. I am so thrilled to tell you that I passed the CV exam on Dec. 30th!! What a huge relief and what a great way to start my new year. I am absolutely positive there is no way I could have passed these exams without all the materials, classes, advice, hand-holding, humor, perspective, and reassurance from you guys. It is so clear that you genuinely care about your students and colleagues. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Lauren A., LMFT (1/10/12)

Hi Gerry

I wanted to share the wonderful news with you that I passed my MFT exam December 19th!!!!!
Thank you soooooooooooooooo much for having created an incredible prep course that truly facilitated my passing the exams (the first time) and becoming licensed.

Thank you, thank you!!!

Vickie W., LMFT (1/2/12)

Dear Gerry and GGS Staff,

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the MFT CV exam on 12/23 and had a VERY merry Christmas afterwards!!! Thank you for helping me to pass the exam, again on my first attempt. Your prep courses and materials were absolutely essential in my studies! I could NOT have done it without them.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! and best wishes for 2011!!!

Alice K., LMFT (soon to be...) (12/27/10)


Just a note to say thank you for effective and easy to use test prep. I took both exams within 8 weeks of total studying and passed both on the first try. My main method of preparation for both exams was your online test bank, though I used your written materials as well (the workbook for the second exam was especially good). The audio was helpful reinforcement, especially for law/ethics and reviewing theory. I found your testbank tests and rationales to be excellent preparation for both exams. In both cases, the actual exam was easier than your practice exams, and the format was realistically very similar.

Thanks again! I don't know how anyone could adequately prepare for the exams without these materials--the BBS guides certainly weren't any help at all in anticipating what the questions would look like and how they seem to think.

J.R. (10/13/10)

At times I thought I would never get through this exam. The whole process appeared contradictory, unfair and something I couldn't master (could not be mastered!) I am from England and thought the whole test was beyond me. I only started to feel a sense of hope when I began attending the Gerry Grossman Seminars. My experience of the classes was that they were well structured, accessible and interesting. The mood was relaxed, there were always bagels and coffee available and all the staff were welcoming. Despite the pressures Gerry always kept a sense of humor and I can honestly say I enjoyed attending all of the workshops. I also studied with Jorid Nygard and she was the same, lots of laughs, and lots of learning. The center in West Los Angeles appeared to me like some kind of college, many people being in the same position as me. Rather than solitary study, the act of being with others helped in itself, shared experience as well as the chance for our own study groups and networking generally. I took the mock exam and that proved to be a crucial learning time and eventually I was able to take the exam with ability and sense of confidence I had not previously experienced while I was studying on my own. I can highly recommend (and suggest) that you explore what Gerry Grossman Seminars have to offer. I never thought I could get through but thanks to Gerry and his center I did, you can do it!

Dave B., MFT (6/4/10)

Dear Gerry,

I am happy to say I passed the WCV Exam yesterday!!! I am so happy all of this is OVER!!! I appreciate all your study materials, support and attention!! I will refer my friends to your services and continue to speak highly of you and your program!!!


Julie V. LMFT (5/27/10)

Good Morning Gerry,

I passed the CV exam!! I wanted to share this joyous news with friends, and family and I wanted to let you know how helpful your program has been, for me. I have told my previous supervisor, colleagues and professors about the effectiveness of your seminars. I could not have passed the exams without your help Gerry, I promise you!


Patrizia S., LMFT! (5/21/10)

Hi Gerry and team,

Thank you for your help. I passed both my Standard and Clinical Vignette tests on my first try. I started taking your classes in Jan. at 7 months pregnant with a 2.5 year old toddler at home full time. My goal was to take the classes for both tests before the baby was born, and to at least attempt to pass the first test. I took my standard test after starting classes for the written test, and passed. Six weeks later at 38 weeks pregnant I took the Clinical Vignette test, and passed!
Now I am due to give birth any day, and am so excited that when I go back to work, it will be as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
Please give a special thanks to Chuck, Kristen and Cio. Tell them the pregnant chick from the Emeryville classes thanks them.

Sarah S., MFT (5/19/10)

Thanks to your great materials. I am an audio person, so the CDs were a great help to me, as were all your materials. Your materials were well organized and the test banks were spot on for practice. I can't thank you enough for giving me the experience I needed to get through this......It has been a looooong haul!

Thanks again,

Tanya D. MFT (5/17/10)


I don't think I would have passed if it weren't for the way Anne and Cio went over all of the material at the mock and at the 22 hour class. Reviewing the content areas, tips on managing my anxiety, and teaching me to re-write the question with the focus and pulling the acronym up was key for me. It improved my ggs test scores greatly and gave me the confidence I needed. I just had faith in the 'system' and used my gut. And I did not go back and change anything, which has been a tendency of mine and one I resisted during the real exam. Also, both Anne and Cio were so available to help process my readiness, my anxiety and any questions I had. So again... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Both Cio and Anne have been incredible.

Molly S. (1/2/10)


I just wanted to inform you that I PASSED my 2nd MFT exam and I am officially LICENSED!!! Thank you so much for providing such a comprehensive study for both exams. I felt well-prepared for the exams and now I have great reference material for future use!

I enjoyed your program very much and I am going to continue to recommend it to my colleagues.

Thank you!

Jaime N. LMFT!!! (12/29/09)

Hi Gerry,

I wanted to let you know that I passed my clinical vignette exam on 10/12/09 on the first try. Both exams I passed after taking your prep materials. I couldn't have done it without your help! Thank you so much!

Vanessa F. (11/15/09)

Hi there,

I just want to let you know that I passed both MFT licensing exams, first time. I studied with Gerry Grossman materials and they really helped!


Melanie P. (10/28/09)

Hi Gerry. I wanted to let you know that I passed my clinical vignette exam today! It was my first try and I thought your practice tests and study material were perfect. I even finished an hour early and I felt totally prepared. Thank you so much for all your help through this process. I passed both exams on the first try and I will highly recommend your program to everyone. Best of luck!

Alisa B., M.A., MFT (10/1/09)

Thank You Gerry Grossman and Staff for all your help. The day after passing the first MFT exam, I immediately purchased the Clinical Vignette Package.
I'm confident I will pass the 2nd Exam with the Gerry Grossman material.

Janet L. (7/15/09)

Hi Gerry -

Just wanted you to know the GREAT news that I passed the MFT WCV test today.
Thanks for the amazing prep course and materials. Made all the difference, and I was super confident taking it today!

Valerie S. (6/27/09)

Thank you, passed the exam on 2/5/07. Failed the first time when using a competitors study guide. Your study materials and CD's were a complete package, almost a Masters study course in itself. Thanks again!!!! Waiting on my license and relaxing for the first time in years.

Don E. (2/5/07)

Dear Cedric & Team:
Thank you for your prompt and courteous service! Your professionalism keeps me coming back! Have a good summer.

Phyllis M.

I passed 1st time (both tests).
What I found most helpful from the support materials was that I learned the language of the various therapies.
By listening to the tapes over and over (sometimes not really paying attention) I learned the language to look for and could tell if something wasn't worded correctly. This especially helped me on the second test.

Sharon R., LMFT


Just wanted to let you know I have passed part 2 of the exam, the 1st time!! The classes and computer materials were very helpful I didn't think I would use the CD's but found them helpful when I didn't feel like "really studying". They helped drum the theories, early-middle-late treatment goals and interventions into my head while I was ironing and doing other chores.

My Instructors were great. I had Gerry, Mary Catherine (CV classes), and a woman w/ attractive red hair (sorry forgot her name!) for the 2 day standard written workshop.


Joseph W. MFT!!!!

I passed the CCE last week.

Many thanks to you and your program.

Many blessings.

David Garbacz, LMFT

Our LCSW candidates have a lot to say about Gerry Grossman Seminars!

Helpful aspects of the (12-hour Law & Ethics Text & video) course: 'I am a visual learner and having the videos were helpful.'

Kendy Rios Gonzalez, MSW, ASW (3/6/19)

Having the workbook to refer to was extremely helpful. The pop quizzes after chapters/sections was a huge help in terms of retaining the information.

Kelli Davis, ASW (1/2/19)

The knowledge of the instructor (Natalie Liberman) was phenomenal, very insightful, the handouts informative, and the PowerPoint presentations were concise and well laid out. The instruction on how to read the questions on the exam provide excellent guidance to prepare properly for the exam.

Francisco Torres, ASW (3/25/18)

I learned a lot these last two weeks. How to study for the test and a great review of what I learned in school. Natalie is amazing. Great at what she does.

Jessica Sanchez, ASW (3/25/18)

I wanted to say thank you for your great program. I passed my Law and Ethics and my LCSW on my first try taking it. Test Prep material including-on line test banks, flash cards and went to a 2 day seminar to prepare for my LCSW.

Maria Escamilla (1/4/18)

Professor Liberman is awesome. Her ability to retain so much information from the past to present and simplify it so that it's easy to grasp is extraordinary. Attending both of her classes will assist me with accomplishing my goal, becoming a LCSW. Thank you Professor Liberman and thank you Mr. Grossman.

Elias Ellis (11/12/17)

I would take anything Natalie teaches. Had her for Law and Ethics and it
was the same experience. Additionally, I passed after her class and I
think her golden nuggets (advice on test taking) really helped me answer test questions

Danny Montenegro (11/12/17)

This class helped me to review all pertinent information that may be on the exam, as well as provide insight as to what topics I needed to delve into further. Additionally, Gerry helped us to learn test-taking strategies that will help us to clarify what is being asked, how to weed-out false answers, and how to manage our time well during the exam.

Elise Bui (11/4/17)

I passed my Law & Ethics exam on July 14, 2017. Thank you so much! Your study materials helped me out a great deal and I am so happy that I passed. Hopefully, I will be able to pass the clinical exam using your study materials again. Thanks!

Shawnta Lockhart, ASW (9/9/17)

All the aspects of each section of the LCSW clinical exam that was covered. The way it was taught by Ms. Liberman was interesting skillful and professional. Liberman was an excellent teacher not only covering everything well, enjoyed teaching it and her heart came through. Presented a lot of personal insights, tips that is helpful.

Vladimir Schiau (7/16/17)

Natalie's presentation of the material was amazing. It was a full day course but she utilized the time appropriately and did an excellent job of keeping everyone engaged. She had excellent communication skills and I loved the way that she used, plain and simple terms, which made it easier to retain information.

Joycelin Prothro (5/22/17)

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your wonderful program. Just passed LCSW exam. Special thanks to awesome Natalie Liberman whose course, training and guidance helped me accomplish my mission.

Thank you very much. I recommend GGS to everyone.

Lusine Kapshanyan (5/9/17)

Natalie is such an in invaluable part of your team! Her experience and knowledge was very helpful and I could not ask for a better instructor. She has a wealth of knowledge and I am happy to have participated in her class. The information that I learned will be very helpful not only for my exam but also in my real work. Thank you so much!

Karla Ferrufino-Simon (4/2/17)

I passed the exam and are now officially licensed!!! I plan to apply for therapist positions starting in January!!!

I can't thank Natalie enough for the 2 day course.. She is a wealth of knowledge and interactive instruction perfect for my learning style. She had creative acronyms to assist with learning concepts and stories that linked it all together.
I hope to take future courses from her.

Bedeania Zurek, LCSW (11/14/16)

I passed the LCSW Law and Ethics exam on June 18!! It was my first time taking it and I was so pleased that I passed! Your test bank really helped prepare me for the test. Thank you.

Linda Galati, ASW (9/29/16)

"Thanks Gerry I passed my Law and Ethics Exam. Your course materials were invaluable in getting me prepared for it."

Jean Duranti, ASW (8/26/16)

"I was thrilled and felt privileged to have Gerry teach the course. It was all very well done. He's a great presenter and breaks the information down so it is easy to understand and makes sense and what a nice guy too! Thank you, thank you, thank you Gerry!!! I will be telling everyone about this program-already have!!"

K.D. (8/22/16)

You told me to let you guys know how my exam went. I passed!

I really did enjoy the materials and felt that they helped to orient my mind to the test. You all rock. My mom and I were talking about how she always used you guys when taking CEUs to renew her license.

Matt Torres, ASW (8/13/16)

Thank you so much for your wonderful program, it was extremely helpful and I learned so much!

I'm happy to announce I passed my law and ethics exam last week, thanks to you.

I will be purchasing your clinical program for second exam.

Jacqueline Shearer, MSW (6/14/16)

I wanted to tell you that I took the second test and passed it. I actually took both tests within the last 7 months and am now, as of 3/19/16, an LCSW! I found your test banks and study guides were perfect and made the tests look easier, your questions were far harder and really prepared me for the tests! Thank you for all that do to help prepare individuals to not just pass a test but gain the knowledge needed to apply to practice! Thank you again! I will continue to recommend your program to all of my peers who are prepping for their LCSW or MFT!!

Audrey Reyes, LCSW (3/22/16)

Hello everyone,

I took the ASWB Clinical exam on 3/17/2016 and PASSED!

I want to thank all the team for all your help. I took all the prep courses for both the standard written exam and the ASWB Clinical exam. Everything that I learned helped me pass both exams and has also contributed to my professional growth.

I enjoyed the courses with Dr. Patricia Patton she is full of knowledge and passionate about her teachings and our professions (Dr. Patton, the luck of the Irish did help, I passed on 3/17/16:-).

I also learned a lot from the tutoring sessions with Natalie Lieberman, who is also very knowledgeable and had more than one answer to every single question that I had and made sure that I understood the answer.

I highly recommend your test banks, courses, tutoring and all your materials as I learned and enjoyed from all of it!

Alejandra Marasco, LCSW (3/20/16)

So glad I passed. Your whole team in amazing, The questions on your website really prepared me for the exam. Thanks to Gerry. Steven was so helpful in helping me pick the right package just for me.

Ellen Rittenberg (3/16/16)

I wanted to share with you that I passed the CV exam today! Started studying with you all in June and knocked both tests out on the first try before summer officially ended. Thank you for all of your help and support. Another LCSW joining the ranks!

Socorro Reynoso (9/1/15)

I'm an LCSW now. I passed both exams the first time :-)
Patti was an awesome teacher - In-class and through the on-line videos. She is entertaining, easy to understand, and perfect at what she does. The grid system worked very well. Appreciate it!

Sara E., (soon to be LCSW once my application is approved) (7/7/15)

I wanted to let you know I passed the CV exam today and all is completed now. Thank you so much as your program is amazing. Best wishes.

Sogol Philipson (6/5/15)

Dear Mr. Grossman:
I recently purchased your flash cards in prep for the California LCSW Clinical Vignette exam, which I passed.

I wanted to let you know, personally, that those flash cards were extremely helpful, easy to use, comprehensive, concise, and all in all, I would highly recommend them to anyone who is studying for the exam.

Thank you again -- please know my sincere gratitude.
Best wishes,

Monica E, MSW (and when the state approves my application, LCSW) (5/13/15)

A great relief to have passed the Vignette exam. Gerry's comprehensive workbooks and on line tests banks prepared me and gave me a good knowledge base. Thank you!

Marcia Rebelo, LCSW (2/20/15)

I used GGS exam prep material and test banks for both exams and passed both exams on the 1st and only sitting. I was well prepared! My experience is that if your exams can be passed then so can the BBS's exams. Your material well prepared me and am so thankful for being able to use GGS material and testbanks. Well worth the money and work! I recommend this to anyone preparing for LCSW licensure!

Donna Hague, LCSW (2/12/15)

The prep class with Natalie Lieberman + acronyms were INVALUABLE! Gearing up for the CV.

Frances Franco, MSW (1/29/15)

Thank you, GG! I took the Clinical Vignette 3 times and failed using other study materials. The fourth time I did individual tutoring with Natalie (GG) and focused on practice tests (GG), along with studying all of the rationales and passed!

K. D., LCSW (1/20/15)

Am a very satisfied and grateful customer. Your material is easy to follow, even for someone like me who has very little background in therapy and counseling. I had tried other materials before, but until I started to study with yours, I was trying to memorize theories and concepts that were very hard to me, and was counting on luck rather than a good understanding of the material to pass the test. I did the mock test with Tim (I think his last name is Elhard) in Sacramento in March, 2014, and I learned how to use the Acronyms and the grids. I began to understand the material, and what seemed like an insurmountable task of passing the test, soon seemed possible, with lots of prayer and hard work, of course. For the first time when taking the vignette in November, 2014 (and I had taken it twice before), I found myself not guessing, but really understanding the questions and having confidence in using the grids to rule out the incorrect answers. I had gained a new confidence, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Wambui Wainaina, LCSW (12/16/14)

I passed my exam today and am thrilled beyond words. A special Thank You to Patti and Natalie for their expertise, time, and support through this process! People need to know how valuable this program is!

Catherine Nelson, LCSW (12/16/14)

I used another course study material to pass the first exam, then failed the vignette exam twice. Regroup - and then did individual supervision which was helpful. However The Gerry Grossman Seminars with first Patti Patton and then Natalie Liberman were Excellent. The detail, attention to "Test Land" Whispers (Natalie) review of each question area, Insights on how to think and process the questions and the elimination process were all so helpful. I was really impressed with the organization and a real effort made to assure the seminars were complete with coffee and stress relief - Bagels and chocolate. You have a great organization and I will it pass on. I also received great advice from Gerry regarding my final decision on whether to take the test on Monday after classes or to wait a couple of days. The last two all day classes on 11/8 & 9 were so intense, but incredible. I couldn't have passed this time without your great staff. Thank you!

Danece Stapleton, LCSW (11/13/14)

I have tried another test study course and find this one to be superior in all ways. I especially like the online video course with Dr. Patti, so much so I am repeating it after doing some reading and listening to the cd's. I find her videos easy to follow, down to earth and have great memory clues. Each one of the videos has enhanced my knowledge and confidence. I am so grateful to you, I have some learning disabilities, as well as a brain that is well aged. This being my second career, I was ready to stay an MSW just because of the test. Now I know I can pass. Thank you Gerry Grossman seminars, and thank you Dr. Patti.

Susan A., MSW (9/16/14)

The information in GGS was comprehensive and allowed many ways for me to study. I found it very useful to go back and forth between the written study materials and the online test banks. GGS helped me pass both LCSW exams on my first try.

Heather L., LCSW (8/19/14)

Just took my LCSW vignette exam and passed it. Thank you Patty Patton, I thought of you during my test, the techniques really work. Thank you again.

Jose Hernandez, LCSW (7/24/14)

I was so impressed with the study materials, testbank, and instructors. I could not have prepared myself to test the Clinical Vignette on my own had I not gone through your course. I continue to apply the principles and recommendations in my practice at work and will recommend your courses to all my colleagues that are preparing for their LCSW exam. Thank you!!!!!

Susana Palma, LCSW (7/16/14)

It was a proud moment for me, a huge milestone in my life, and now I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Thank you Gerry Grossman Seminars for making this moment possible.

Yvonne Rose Salgado, LCSW (6/17/14)

Thank you for your classes. Without your classes, not sure if I could have passed both tests. I enjoyed your online test bank very much. Your instructors were also very helpful. Highly recommend!!!

ThanhNga Do, LCSW (5/7/14)

Dear Gerry and the staff at Gerry Grossman Seminars,
I PASSED!!!!! I'm an LCSW!!!! Can't thank you enough for your help...
could not have done it without your system!!! I did (almost) everything you told me to and it worked!!

Thank you, thank you :)

Julianne Legon, LCSW (12/4/13)

The Gerry Grossman test banks and Mock Exams helped me tremendously. I passed both tests. I attribute my being able to pass both tests with my studying the Gerry Grossman test banks and taking part in the Mock Exams. I am now an LCSW. Thank you.

Benjamin E., LCSW (9/8/13)

I have completed both exams now for my LCSW and am so thrilled to be done with this process. I feel the Grossman courses I took for both exams were imperative to my studying/passing the exams on the 1st try. I was very pleased with the program and will certainly recommend it to my colleagues. Best wishes!

Ashley B., LCSW (4/17/13)

Hi Patti and Gerry,
I'd like to publicly thank you both for all your hard work and investment in me to help me pass my LCSW tests. I had been referred to you by my friends who did not pass their tests. They took your classes and passed both tests on their next try. I started right away with your program. I passed both of my tests on the first try; thanks to you and your program! I could not have done it without learning your test strategies, listening to your lectures, and reviewing all of your materials.
And a special thank you to Patti for all of her individual support and encouragement. Patti takes a special interest in making sure all of her students pass. And she surely was responsive to me whenever I had any questions!! She was a wonderful teacher and mentor!!

Thank you, thank you!!!

Monika Y. LCSW in Orange County (10/24/12)

Hi Gerry
I want to thank you, for all your wisdom and support the past three years. I struggled with test anxiety and was able to overcome it with your guidance. I couldn't have done it with help. I passed these two test with your hypnosis, relaxation, materials and your workshops. I passed my second exam this Wednesday 27th at 11:30am. I had no anxiety going into the testing center. I found the questions were similar to the test bank which helped me pass.

Thank you and God Bless

Monique P., LCSW (4/29/11)

Dear Gerry,
Hello. My name is Yifat Tamir, and I am a soon-to-be LCSW. I actually just passed my second exam today. I wanted to let you know how amazing my experience was with my individual tutor, Patti. I signed up for a single tutoring session with Patti and she was AMAZING! Not only was she a wonderful teacher, but she genuinely cared about me as a person, and sincerely wanted me to pass. From even before I met Patti in person, I felt like she genuinely cared about her students and was passionate about her job. She offered that I email her if I encountered any questions while studying, and her sheer willingness to answer emails (not to mention the really helpful responses I received) improved the caliber of my studying. I studied harder, knowing that I could make a list of questions to discuss with her later. My score literally went from a 58 just before working with her to a 75, the day after our tutorial. She is an amazing and wonderful person who was invaluable to my success on this exam. I am so thankful for having her in my life during this stressful process. Thank you for hiring such a wonderful woman!

Yifat T., LCSW (3/30/11)

One down and one to go! I was in your LCSW test prep course this month in San Clemente. I took the Written Standard test on Friday 2/18 and passed! I'll see you in Santa Monica in a few weeks. Thought you'd like to know. :)

Cheryl B. (2/19/11)

Hi Patti,

I can't thank you enough for all you have done to help me pass this exam. You are an amazing teacher, compassionate person and a talented clinician. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Stephanie R. (2/8/11)

Hi Patti,
I attended your Dec. 4th LCSW Mock CV Exam class last year and just over 6 weeks later I am now a LCSW.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the extra tools & more importantly added confidence I needed to get over the hump or out of my own way :), and pass the exam. The class and you were wonderful.
Thanks again,

Zenobia R., LCSW (1/22/11)

Hi Patti-

I want to share the great news with you...as you may already guessed, I passed my LCSW clinical vignette on 11/29/2010 at the El Monte site. I cannot even begin to express how excited I have been since passing the test and most importantly, since having posted on the BBS as an LCSW. The true excitement and joy came when I received the certifications in the mail this past Friday (1/7/2011).

In all honesty, what worked for me was 1) attending the 22 hour class instruction in San Clemente (September 2010), 2) weekly study groups with my partner (who I met at the workshop), 3) test bank questions, 4) audio presentations (crisis management, biopsychosocial assessment, law- but not ethics), 5) reading CV workbook thoroughly 1x, as well as, the corresponding section to the test bank when I scored 60% (I may have read each section over 5x's). I feel so confident in my material and have even considered tutoring others.

Thank you so much Patti for all of your Irish luck provided to me during the seminar. Please continue helping future LCSW candidates prepare for the test.

Marisa S., LCSW (1/10/11)

Hi Patti:

I wanted you to know that I passed the LCSW Standard Exam this weekend on 10/30! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I took the course twice, did the exams and felt prepared! I also brought your Irish Luck card with me and felt I could survive "Testland" and I did!

I strongly recommend this course for anyone who is considering taking the LCSW. The materials, the amount of information and focus on LCSW preparation was phenomenal! You can do it!!

See you for the LCSW Written Clinical Vignette part!

All My Thanks to you and Gerry and the whole TEAM!

Jessica A. MSW (11/1/10)

Dear Patti,

Your course was a miracle! I have peace in my mind, a painted structure of what I need to know and how to use the test banks. I have a direction that I feel confident with, with your honest realistic presentation of the facts. You have shown such a great sense of humor, coupled with wanting students to understand, that you have enclosed memory prompts, visual cues, and whatever possible to make for a positive and interesting memory recall. Please know, that I feel exceptionally blessed and you are God sent!

Ellen R. (10/26/10)

Taking your course was a life saver!!! I truly believed it was the tool I needed to pass. I passed the first exam on the 4th try and the second on the 1st. After I took the seminar I knew that I missed out and I do believe that if I would have taken your seminar first I would have passed. Thank you thank you and even more thank you Patti. I'm a LCSW and I owe it to you! Thank you for being so patient, knowledgeable, and the passion you have in assisting us (me) in passing the exam as well being a competent clinician! You're awesome and extra thanks for Irish luck!


Janelle A. (5/28/10)

I passed the clinical vignette exam about a month ago and am finally an LCSW! I am still reveling in the joy! I am so grateful that I took your courses. I was especially impressed with your new specifically designed track for LCSW candidates.
Many thanks~

Amy G, LCSW (10/28/09)

I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the day long class and all the exam prep materials. I passed my exam easily using your program. The test bank helped relieve my anxiety and the questions and topics reflected what was on the actual test.

Thanks again for the help, your program helped me feel confident for the next exam.

Brenda Mowers, ASW