BBS Application Prep

Let Gerry Grossman Seminars' 34 years of Form Prep experience help you to speed up your application process and decrease your anxiety. Avoid delays in having your hours approved by the BBS by ensuring your application is complete in every way.

We know how confusing this stage of the licensing process can be. We will review your hours to make sure that they are in compliance with the BBS rules and regulations. We also help you organize your paperwork to ensure that the forms are filled out correctly and the overall application packet is presented professionally.

While this service is not a guarantee for BBS approval of your examination eligibility, many candidates have had very positive experiences using our service and getting their application completed in a competent, organized and time-efficient manner. Let Gerry Grossman Seminars assist you on this next step in your licensing journey.

Individual Consultation:
In your individual meeting we'll check your forms after you've prepared them to ensure compliance and completion, or, do the whole process for you from start to finish leaving you more time to study and see your clients. Usually it takes just one meeting to complete your application for submission to the BBS. Email us at or call 1-(800) 300-6322 to set up your individual appointment.