CA MFT Clinical Live Online Exam Prep Package

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This Course Includes:

  • 22 hours of Live Online Exam Prep Instruction
  • 8 months of access to our online MFT Clinical Exam Testbank*
    • Includes revised exam topics and emphasis with new questions
  • A complete set of online audio presentations covering 14 different MFT exam topics
  • Additional study materials

Study materials delivered in either Digital or Printed Format:

  • A 2-Volume MFT California Clinical Exam Prep Textbook
  • Flashcards covering the DSM-5, Theoretical Perspectives, and California Law & Ethics
  • DSM-5 Classification Charts
  • Crisis Assessment & Management Charts
  • Theory Comparison Charts

Learn directly from an experienced LMFT, and subject matter expert during the multi-session live online workshop. Ask questions, receive feedback, and review CCE practice exam questions covering exam content areas to help you pass the California MFT exam with confidence.

Evaluate your knowledge base with our California Clinical Exam question testbanks.

Learn valuable test-taking skills and strategies developed by experienced instructors and enhance your ability to decipher complex questions.

Review topics and concepts included in the BBS CCE handbook, ask questions, receive feedback, and gain the support and perspectives of your instructor and colleagues.

*The testbank consists of over 1,500 questions in nine complete exams and randomized 25-question quizzes on BBS CCE content areas. You have seven tries at each of the six content areas and three tries at each complete exam.