Emotional Affairs Text-based Home Course (4 CE) - Printed Version

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An emotional affair begins with a garden-variety friendship that develops almost imperceptibly until it eventually exceeds in importance the relationship with a one’s spouse or partner. This course presents the issues related to two contexts in which emotional affairs begin: the workplace and cyberspace. It also presents other general signs that an emotional affair has already begun and the psychological factors that contribute to these kinds of relationships. Treatment methods each of the participants in the affair are discussed, including the affair partner, who may be dumped for example, when the partner decides to disclose the affair and work on the primary relationship.

Author: Patricia Patton-Lehn, Ph.D.

Target Audience: Introductory and Intermediate; LMFTs, Social Workers, LPCCs, Nurses, Substance Abuse Counselors, and mental health clinicians.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Assess for emotional affairs in relationships and distinguish them from healthy, platonic friendships.
  2. Explain possible intrapersonal and interpersonal causes for emotional affairs.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge about treatment issues and interventions for repairing a relationship after an emotional affair.
  4. Identify ways to prevent emotional affairs in committed relationships.


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