Clients with Anger Issues - Live Online (6 CE)

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Course Level: Intermediate

This Course Is For: Psychologists, Social Workers, Counselors, and Marriage & Family Therapists

Course Format: This is a live, interactive online course taught by an instructor via Zoom. Participants are required to attend the live online workshop, participate in group discussion, and complete the course evaluation before earning the certificate of attendance.

Course Developed By: Gerry Grossman, MA., LMFT

Bio: Gerry Grossman, M.A., LFMT has successfully trained thousands of exam candidates for their BBS licensing exams since 1985. His teaching style is clear, incisive, humorous and empathic. As a trained hypnotherapist, he has assisted many people with test anxiety and other clinical issues. In 2016 Gerry received the Educator of the year award from AAMFT-CA. In private practice, Gerry specializes in working with young children and their families.

Course Reviewed By: Jennifer Kolb, LCSW

Bio: Jennifer Kolb, LCSW; Social Work Consultant, reviewed and determined the course meets requirements for continuing education in the field of social work. This course is appropriate for masters and clinical level social workers. Jennifer graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Work with a specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Louisville, Kentucky. She specializes in school-based psychotherapy with children and adolescents, as well as licensing exam coaching and preparation.

Course Description:

Our daily lives are full of challenges and we are frequently involved with stressful situations. Our tolerance of frustration and our ability to regulate emotions appropriately are key to managing stress and anger.

In this course you will learn how to help clients with anger issues. We will cover educating the client about the importance of learning skills that will empower them to have control over this "uncontrollable" emotion, navigate through the physiological effects of chronic anger, learn tools to assess anger, investigate different types of communication, and learn how to use Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness Techniques to treat these clients.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Determine the physical and emotional symptoms of anger and identify healthy coping skills.
  2. Apply the Inventory of Anger Communication resource to a clinical setting.
  3. Distinguish the characteristics of anger versus aggression with the three forms of aggression.
  4. Recall the four signs and cues of anger.
  5. Compare and contrast the ways anger manifests both in your life and in the life of a client.
  6. Analyze for the source of each of the five types of boundaries in a client.
  7. Develop at least five action steps to recognize and reduce episodes of anger.
  8. Demonstrate seven methods for managing angry clients.
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