Clients of Alcoholic Mothers Online Text-based Home Course (3 CE)

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The extent to which alcoholism impacts family members, family relationships, and child development is detailed in this sobering treatise on children who grow up in alcoholic family systems and focuses particularly on the unique impact of children who grow up with alcoholic mothers.

This course covers the major issues confronting children of alcoholic families, including Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, environmentally-caused developmental deficits, academic problems, mental health issues, depression, and a host of other symptoms that are the legacy of alcholic family systems.

You may be amazed to recognize among your clients, friends, and perhaps even in your own family many of the traits and characteristics common to children who grow up in families where alcohol or other forms of disorganization reign. Compelling case vignettes and a wealth of references and other resources add even greater value to this course.

Author: Mary Ella Viehe, Ph.D., LMFT

Target Audience: Introductory and Intermediate; LMFTs, Social Workers, LPCCs, Nurses, Substance Abuse Counselors, and other mental health clinicians.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand and assess for the effects of having an alcoholic mother upon children, including such issues as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, issues of attachment, academic problems, mental health concerns, and intergenerational dynamics of alcoholism.
  2. Identify common misconceptions and myths of children of alcoholics.
  3. Increase their awareness of treatment strategies for children of alcoholics, including relevant cultural issues, as well as the treatment of adult children of alcoholics.
  4. Recognize and address public health and legal issues associated with alcoholic mothers and fetal care.


This course satisfies the following California BBS Pre-licensure requirements:

  • 3 hours toward the 15 hours of Alcoholism and Other Chemical Substance Dependency required for California LCSW candidates
  • 3 hours toward the 15 hours of Alcoholism and Other Chemical Substance Dependency required for California LPCC candidates


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