Read what our students are saying about their GGS Continuing Education experiences!

Clinical Supervision: LCSW Perspective CE Text-based Home Course, I appreciated the straightforward language. Information was clearly presented and easy to digest.

Karina Santillo (6/25/20)

Bipolar Disorder CE Text-based Home Course, the contrast and comparisons to related disorders.

Andrea Halloran (6/16/20)

Core Mindfulness and Anxiety CE Video Course, the interventions - the meditations, as well as the resource list was very helpful.

Jessica Quiambao, MA MFT (6/16/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Text-Based Home Course, the material was very thorough and easy to comprehend. I appreciated the quizzes and handouts that provided.

Gabriela Gutierrez (6/15/20)

DSM-5 CE Video Course, the instructor was very engaging.

Kerry Thorne, LMFT (6/14/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Video Course V2, was accurate, and clear information.

Judith Kendall, MA, LMFT (6/12/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Text-based Home Course, the information and review on minor and elderly procedures was very helpful.

Mariana Herrera, MA, LMFT (6/10/20)

Clinical Supervision CE Text-based Home Course V5, helpful hints to improve supervision style and legal issues review.

Jane Gaunt , PhD, LMFT (6/8/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Video Course V2; I appreciated how the course was broken down into 15-30 min increments!

Janel Chavez, BSW, MSW (6/5/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Video Course V2. The ease at which I can register for and complete CEUs online. Also loved that the presentation was divided into small sections with a short test after each instead of one long test at the end. I will definitely do more Grossman training online after having experienced this online Law and Ethics training.

Tamera Fleck, LCSW (5/31/20)

Clinical Supervision: Solution Focused Perspective CE Text--based Home Course, discussing how a supervisor assist the supervisee by providing direct examples

Shannon Westhoff (5/29/20)

Clinical Supervision: LCSW Perspective CE Text-Based Home Course, the summary of supervision practices was very helpful.

Jane Gaunt , PhD, LMFT (5/25/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Text-based Home Course I love all of Gerry's courses and have been taking them for years!

Jill Valle, M.A. (5/24/20)

The 12-Hour California Law & Ethics Self-Study CE Text and Video Course case examples and going through the various aspects of each topic, competence, consent, telehealth, hipaa - was great.

Jessica Ambroz, LCSW (5/17/20)

Interpersonal Neurobiology CE Video Course, reference to Dr. Seigles work was very helpful.

Francis Macrae (5/17/20)

Laws and Ethics 2019 CE Video Course V2 new info about new laws since I last took a law and ethics training was very helpful.

Stacey Kreitz (5/17/20)

Prescription Drug Abuse CE Text-based Home Course V3, the text was reader friendly and materiel content was direct to the point!

Elizabeth Ramos (5/16/20)

12-Hour California Law & Ethics Self-Study CE Text and Video Course gave a lot of clarity in individual topics.

Sandhya Ramanujam, D.D.S, M.A, CHt. (5/14/20)

Human Diversity CE Text-based Home Course has easy to read material. A good summary.

Arturo De La Torre (5/12/20)

12-Hour California Law & Ethics Self-Study CE Text and Video Course, the information regarding telehealth due to the current covid 19 pandemic was most helpful to understand verbal consent abilities via telehealth.

Jazmin Turner (5/10/20)

12-Hour California Law & Ethics Self-Study CE Text and Video Course, the video portions were super helpful!

Rachel Hill (5/9/20)

HIV-AIDS CE Text-Based Home Course V5 the case studies and explanation on points of infection of disease was very helpful.

Dalila Santa Cruz, MA (5/8/20)

Law and Ethics 201 CE Video Course V2, having the class in smaller segments allows for absorbing the material.

jill thomas, MA, MFT (5/7/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Text-based Home Course, was an excellent review and update of legal and ethical aspects of practice that I need to know.

Janet Del Real (5/6/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Text-Based Home Course the organization of the information makes this such a useful course. I also love having the reference material for my practice.

Christina Stein LMFT, MA, PHD (5/5/20)

Clinical Supervision CE Text-Based Home Course V5, learning about the recent changes in supervision practices and how to meet the needs of each discipline.

Chad Medlin (5/4/20)

Law & Ethics 2019 CE Video Course the use of Handbook as a resource; ability to stop/start video to take notes, refer to handbook; very helpful.

Marybeth Waters, MS, LMFT (5/4/20)

Clinical Supervision: Solution Focused Perspective CE Text-based Home Course, learning how to effectively supervise from a SFT perspective.

Chad Medlin (5/4/20)

Clinical Supervision: LCSW Perspective CE Text-based Home Course--Really everything was helpful. It clarified aspects of supervision I needed and clearly delineated expectations.

Chad Medlin (5/4/20)

Emotional Resilience CE Text-based Home Course V2 the course is interesting and applicable.

Janetta Stephen, LMFT (4/30/20)

Menopause CE Text-based Home Course V2, very clear information and easy to implement with clients.

Christina Stein LMFT, MA, PHD (4/29/20)

The 12-Hour California Law & Ethics Self-Study CE Text and Video Course, was very helpful that you can go back and review the session over again, the test was fun to learn and i like you can go back to the test.

Polly Welch (4/26/20)

Suicide Risk Assessment and Interventions- Live Online CE Webinar ...Natalie's presentation was empowering. She has a passionate and direct to the point approach.

Margaret Rebecca Lillywhite (4/25/20)

Suicide Risk Assessment and Interventions--Live Online CE Webinar..the entire course was phenomenal. Natalie did such an outstanding job of balancing important, heavy material with hope and optimism for change. I dreaded the thought of committing 7 hours to my computer and the day flew by. Natalie's intelligence and empathy shines.

Carole Garcia (4/25/20)

Depression: Assessment & Treatment CE Video Course...I liked the different supportive reading materials that were brought in to both conceptualize cases and to treat different depressive disorders.

Emily Fadling, MMFT, LMFT, LPCC (4/25/20)

Clinical Supervision CE Text-Based Home Course V5, the case Studies/examples were very helpful.

Jessica Nichols, MS (4/24/20)

Suicidal Clients CE Video course, the information about the different cultural groups and their suicidal ideation and completion was very helpful.

Linda E. Johnson (4/23/20)

Coping with Aging Parents CE Text-based Home Course Most helpful: Medicare and Medicaid inflation.

Timothy Foley, MS MFC (4/20/20)

Determinants of Childhood Obesity CE Text-based Home Course, most helpful was the definition of BMI and the comparison of being Overweight.

Timothy Foley, MS MFC (4/20/20)

Child Abuse CE Video Course information about child abuse and neglect was informative. I also liked the statements at the end that discussed how to talk about what needs to be happening between parents and children. I liked the stories other told regarding their experience with abuse as therapists.

Emily Fadling, MMFT, LMFT, LPCC (4/18/20)

Interpersonal Neurobiology CE Video Course, the full descriptions of different trains of thought and the ideas on how to use them in therapy. The personality and presentation of the presenter, peaked my interest and kept me focus. I wanted to learn more and more. This was fantastic!

Linda E. Johnson (4/18/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Text-Based Home Course is refreshing me on legal aspects of our work as well as providing legal updates.

Dorian Dixon, MA (4/15/20)

The HIV-AIDS CE Text-Based Home Course V5 is informative with updated information.

Janetta Stephen, LMFT (4/10/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Text-Based Home Course I like the ability to re-take questions answered incorrectly with an opportunity to review text as needed. I appreciated the rationales provided in detail regarding the correct answer. This reinforced my learning of the material.

Vanessa Scarlata (4/10/20)

12 Hour The videos from the seminars were a great source of information and kept me focused. I greatly appreciated the candidness of the communications between Grossman and those in attendance of the seminars.


Law and Ethics-Live Online CE Webinar--Cio was knowledgeable, kind, and an engaging speaker.

Stephanie Godwin, MA, LMFT (4/6/20)

The HIV-AIDS CE Text-based Home Course was very thorough.

Kerri Wade, MS, PPS (4/6/20)

The DSM-5 CE Video Course, the instructor's understanding of the material was excellent and she brought in examples from her practice.

Emily Fadling, MMFT, LMFT, LPCC (4/6/20)

DSM-5 CE Video Course comprehensive review of a lot of material was very helpful.

Janetta Stephen, LMFT (4/5/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Video Course, the new laws in regard to foster children and telehealth was very helpful.

Dennis Wasco, MA, LMFT (4/4/20)

DSM-5 CE Video Course..I have been in ridiculous resistance to the DSM-5. I purchased it as soon as it came out and promptly placed it on my bookshelf. Cio is incredibly knowledgeable and a really great teacher. Her inclusion of humor and clinical examples made a very dense topic enjoyable.

Carole Garcia (4/3/20)

12-Hour Law & Ethics Self-Study CE Text and Video Course is helpful learning about the new laws that came in effect as of 2019.

Marlene Parada, MSW (4/1/20)

Emotional Affairs CE Text-Based Home Course V2 the treatment issues and strategies is very helpful.

Barbara Cunningham, M.A., LMFT, PSY.D. (4/1/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Video Course V2. Gerry explains things very clear, concise, and succinct/ to the point, so that there is no room for guessing.

Kerri Wade, MS, PPS (4/1/20)

DSM-5 CE Video Course details given about ruling out some diagnoses was very helpful.

Linda E. Johnson (4/1/20)

The Law and Ethics 2019 CE Video Course was very helpful by providing information on current laws and changes to codes

Jennifer Malone (3/31/20)

The Management Practices CE Text-based Home Course is a Good Refresher

Rob Grellman, LMFT, PsyD (3/31/20)

12 Hour California Law & Ethics Self-Study CE Text and Video Course purchase of the book along with the video was very helpful. The video portion kept me engaged as if I was present with the facilitator

Grace Hernandez (3/31/20)

Mental Status Exam CE Text-based Home Course V2, overall I'm truly satisfied, thanks.

Rob Grellman, LMFT, PsyD (3/30/20)

Law & Ethics 2019 CE Video Course V2. 1. Ease off access. 2. Organization good. 3. No problem with the website. 4. How you have quizzes after each section, not all at the end. 5. As usual, always informative. 5. The only place I want to to take my Law and Ethics CEUs.

Aylene Lazar, M.A. (3/30/20)

Mental Status Exam CE Text-based Home Course, the material was very informational and on point. It was helpful and will be helpful to use in the future.

Seon Spurlock (3/28/20)

the Role of Humor in Psychotherapy CE Video Course, course was very light hearted in nature which supported the topic. Informative and fun !

Carole Garcia (3/28/20)

The DSM-5 video course was broken down into bit size digestible as to not make it long and boring.

Michelle Williams, MS (3/26/20)

Core Mindfulness and Anxiety CE Video Course, though I thought I was relatively familiar with Mindfulness, I learned so much. I loved the meditations. I listened to the second one twice, as I fell sound asleep the first time ... very effective.

Carole Garcia (3/26/20)

The Emotional Resilience CE Text-based Home Course is one of my favorite courses you offer. This topic is optimistic and hopeful. I enjoyed learning about resiliency and how I can help my clients cultivate it.

Marisa Lo, MS, LMFT (3/25/20)

The Law and Ethics 2019 CE Text-Based Home course is concise and straightforward.

Dayna Montana, MA (3/25/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Text-based Home Course, the information regarding legal issues when working with children was very helpful.

Amber Gates (3/25/20)

Interpersonal Neurobiology CE Video Course..I really appreciated being tested after each session.

David Granucci, M.A. (3/21/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Video Course V2, the content divided into manageable segments and testing after each section was very helpful.

Gail Irwin, MS (3/21/20)

Clinical Supervision: Solution Focused Perspective CE Text-Based Home Course the material and questions forced problem solving skills.

Brian Rector, MA Counseling Psychology (3/14/20)

Social Media and Mental Health CE Text-Based Home Course, the course was well nuanced and provided comprehensive instruction.

Gerald Anderson (3/14/20)

Core Mindfulness & Anxiety CE Text-based home course the material was presented well.

Cristina Billingsley (3/10/20)

The 12-Hour Law & Ethics Self-Study CE Text and Video course, the entire course was very helpful. I have a better concept of the course and will be able to use it to pass the CA L&E

Jose Garcia (3/8/20)

With the Core Mindfulness and Anxiety CE Video Course, I really appreciated the fact that the course tested after each session (i.e. rather than at the end)

David Granucci, M.A. (3/8/20)

For the 12-Hour CA Law & Ethics Self-Study CE Text and Video Course it was helpful to have notes next to videos.

Christiany Chan (2/28/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Text-based Home Course was clear, concise, easy to understand.

Lawrence Price, MA, LMFT (2/28/20)

Regarding the Law and Ethics 2019 CE Video Course, the update on changes in the law in the past year were critical. The review of confidentiality and boundaries is very valuable.

Mary Malooly (2/27/20)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Text-based Home Course 'I thought it was great!'

April Upp, MS (2/23/20)

The law and ethics course was very clear organization of material.

Roger Kaufman, MA, LMFT (2/19/20)

DSM-5 CE Text-based Home Course has well-organized materials.

Roger Kaufman, MA, LMFT (2/19/20)

Reviewing the 2019 new laws and revisions--Talks about Telehealth was useful for me for future use

Margaret Mitchell, MA, LMFT (10/31/19)

All of it. I learned a ton of new material in the HIV-AIDS Text-based Home Course

Steve Palos (9/1/19)

All of it. A great refresher Law and Ethics 2019 CE Text-based Home Course

Steve Palos (8/30/19)

Accessibility, structure, clear and concise presentation of information were beneficial to me in the Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting.

Lyndsay Mclaren (8/28/19)

The Clinical Supervision: Solution Focused Perspective CE Text-Based Home Course focused on the most important points.

Karen Flores Uribe, MA, LMFT (8/27/19)

The overall content was educational and very detailed for this PTSD CE Text-Based Home Course

Steve Palos (8/27/19)

Slides were good and the Interpersonal Neurobiology course seemed well organized. The material was very interesting and useful. I appreciated the reading list especially.

Leah Cochrane, MA, MS (7/31/19)

The Dual Relationships course was well written and informative.

Anne C Gessert (7/30/19)

I enjoyed the online aspects of the 12 Hour CA Law & Ethics Course.

Alexa Oller, MS (7/29/19)

Understanding what is required of a supervisor was important In the Clinical Supervision course.

May Leilani Sechler (7/29/19)

Reviewing the new laws, material was comprehensive and presented in an organized manner in the Law and Ethics CE Course.

Janet Kamikihara, MFT (7/29/19)

The video was most helpful in the 12hr Law and Ethics Course; it was like being in a classroom.

Ebony Rice (7/25/19)

I enjoyed the concise coverage of new/changed laws as well as the review of misconceptions and giving correct information in the Law and Ethics 2019 CE Video Course.

Leah Cochrane, MA, MS (7/16/19)

The use of online video was clear and helpful.

Tina Williams, MA, MFT, BS (7/16/19)

I loved all of The Role of Humor in Psychotherapy CE Video Course. I love the jokes that can be integrated to practice.

Ana Mejia (7/14/19)

I enjoyed all of Interpersonal Neurobiology CE Video Course. Very excellent.

Ana Mejia (7/14/19)

I enjoyed gaining the knowledge of the difference between types of animals in therapy.

Griff Guenther, MA,LMFT (7/13/19)

Understanding current trends in HIV infection and the psycho-social factors that play a part in these new trends. Understanding the change in HIV exposure rates to different ethnicities and the emotional impact differences HIV has on males and females. I valued the counseling recommendations and AIDS resources provided at the end of the course.

Carrie Canine (7/12/19)

Law and Ethics 2019 CE Video Course is a strong overall refresh on legal/ethical content, as well as a helpful overview of new laws.

Sarah Douglas (7/12/19)

Video review of the course material as well as practice test material were very helpful in my understanding of the material for the 12-Hour California Law and Ethics.

Linda Makarzec (7/9/19)

The video went over each type of abuse in depth and went over scenarios and how to respond. I found those aspects of the Child Abuse CE Video Course very helpful!

Ana Mejia (7/7/19)

The PTSD Home CE course clarified some of my questions with my own PTSD from my time in the Navy.

Frank Robinette, MS LMFT (7/7/19)

As usual, the succinct presentation of the Adult AD/HD CE material was right on target and kept my interest as well.

Frank Robinette, MS LMFT (7/7/19)

The organization of the Clinical Application of EMDR CE course was excellent and made the information easy to assimilate

Frank Robinette, MS LMFT (7/7/19)

Andrew Teton is charmingly humorous and engaging. He knows his subject matter very well and is an effective, interesting presenter. I would take another of his on-line CE classes

Natalie P. White, MA, LMFT (7/6/19)

I love the convenience of being able to do my CE courses online!

Victoria Carrillo, M.S., LMFT (7/6/19)

The examples provided along with the followed quizzes were important aspects to the 12 hour law and ethics course.

Silvia Medrano (6/24/19)

Clear explanation of the different ways PTSD can present and be treated.

Molly Papp (6/24/19)

Practice exams were reflective of material being presented in a logical way.

Karly Mertz, MA (6/24/19)

The explanations and the charts were a helpful part of the DSM-5 course.

Cynthia Kelly, MA (6/24/19)

Liability issues, handling difficult supervisees, and theoretical approaches to supervision were helpful aspects of the Clinical Supervision course.

Christie WilhiteChu (6/24/19)

The way the wording of the law was presented along with easy to understand explanation of what the law means and how it can be applied.

Joan Willicombe (6/23/19)

Overview of a wide number of crisis situations was a helpful part of the Crisis Management CE course.

Molly Papp (6/23/19)

DBT techniques were really good; as well as specific questions to ask to assess for suicide risk in clients.

Molly Papp (6/22/19)

Helpful aspects to the Aging and Long-Term Care course were a broad introduction to the aging population, caregiver roles/challenges, roles of psychotherapist.

Steven Kinstler, MA, LMFT (6/22/19)

All of it. I worked in a domestic violence clinic for over 2 years and I LOVED the information presented. I felt it was unbiased and gave an accurate description of the concerns and problems presented in real life.

Deanna Woodhouse (6/22/19)

It was concise and was presented in such a manner that I truly feel I learned things that I will retain, not just to get my needed CEU credits

Dawn Jennings (6/22/19)

The DSM-5 is a bery good CE course. Will recommend to colleagues.

Christopher Jones (6/22/19)

I liked how segmented the HIV-AIDS course was so when I needed a break, it was easy to find where I left off without becoming confused.

Deanna Woodhouse (6/21/19)

I LOVED the break down of the different types of theories and their techniques/interventions. It was incredibly helpful and insightful.

Deanna Woodhouse (6/21/19)

The Clinical Supervision CE was a good teaching and practice tool.

Kristie Summerville , LMFT (6/21/19)

The Video was excellent because Mr. Grossman delivered excellent communication during the online course and made me feel as if I was truly inside of the classroom. I loved the process and the experience and will continue all of my CEUs with his organization. In the future I will begin the process of obtaining my license and will do this journey with the Grossman Seminars. I believe that I made an excellent choice.

Diane McNeal (6/19/19)

I thought the Clinical Supervision CE course was very helpful. I liked that I addressed the subject matter in a very organized and precise manner.

Dawn Jennings (6/18/19)

I learned so much about PTSD. This should be a class provided during school years!

Alicia Arango Yanez (6/17/19)

Good overview of the research on what contributes to poor-body image in both men and women as well as cultural comparisons in the Body Image & Self-Esteem CE.

Wendy Hart (6/17/19)

The slides in the Law and Ethics CE that had all the information were great to read and easy to remember.

Molly Papp (6/17/19)

Good overview of the research on what contributes to poor-body image in both men and women as well as cultural comparisons.

Wendy Hart (6/17/19)

The detailed slides and Gerry's clear examples and explanations.

Mary Carole Frederickson (6/15/19)

The organization and thoroughness of material was outstanding. Great flow making it easier to connect the dots between physical and psychological concepts

Steven Kinstler, MA, LMFT (6/13/19)

In the Substance Abuse CE course, the reading materials were helpful.

Erin Schlager (6/9/19)

The Strategies with Couples CE course was very comprehensive.

Steven Kinstler, MA, LMFT (6/8/19)

Technology and new awareness of VT were helpful aspects of the Managing Vicarious Trauma Course.

Steven Kinstler, MA, LMFT (6/6/19)

Charts and graphs, updated information and research findings were helpful aspects of the Pregnant Teens CE course.

Wendy Jones, MA, CAGS (6/5/19)

Research and treatment strategies were useful aspects of the Marijuana Treatment Course.

Wendy Jones, MA, CAGS (6/3/19)

Research and vignettes were helpful in the Emotional Resilience Course.

Wendy Jones, MA, CAGS (6/3/19)

The handouts were good for each subject. the teacher was very knowledgable.

Carole Whitty, MS, AMFT (6/3/19)

The Gambling Disorder course was well written and the important points were recognizable so taking the quiz wasn't such a nuisance.

Anna Drabicki (6/2/19)

Research references and therapeutic interventions were helpful in the Social Media and Mental Health Course.

Wendy Jones, MA, CAGS (5/31/19)

Information from research studies and vignettes were helpful in the forgiveness CE course.

Wendy Jones, MA, CAGS (5/30/19)

It was organized, concise and easy to learn from its information and formatting.

Alexandra Meraud, LMFT (5/28/19)

Differences in requirement designations is helpful with the Animal Assisted Therapy course.

Linda Sussman-Swiller, MSW (5/27/19)

The refresher about legal and ethical responsibilities was helpful in the Clinical Supervision Course.

Iliana Gelles, MA, LMFT (5/26/19)

Organization of materials was helpful in the HIV-AIDS CE course.

Jennifer Kuebler, BA, MA, LMFT (5/26/19)

Organization of materials will serve as a great resource going forward.

Jennifer Kuebler, BA, MA, LMFT (5/26/19)

The "Helping Children Develop Social Skills" course provides the most up-to-date information.

Michael Green, MA (5/25/19)

The Law and Ethic course has helped to prepare me for the Law and Ethic test.

Shaunda Guy (5/24/19)

Course had Mindfullness strategies for treating anxiety disorders.

Michael Green, MA (5/24/19)

All of the Clinical Supervision Course was helpful!

Sandra Hillhouse (5/24/19)

Good refresher in Law and Ethics and keeping me up to date on current changes in these areas.

Stacy Brittain, MA Counseling Psychology (5/22/19)

Quick quizzes and video component was helpful for the CA Law & Ethics Self Study.

Kelli Davis (5/21/19)

Appreciated information related to therapy models particularly useful for both bullies as well as victims of bullying and their families.

Lynn Border, LMFT (5/21/19)

i like that I had the book to refer to at times for the Law and Ethics Course. It was helpful to have the section quizzes rather than one quiz at end.

Mary Jean Walton, MA, LMFT (5/19/19)

The regulations were a helpful part of the clinical supervision course.

Tegwin Millard, LMFT (5/18/19)

Being able to take the Law and Ethics test in sections was helpful.

Sharon Loeschen, LCSW (5/16/19)

Examples, forms to be used and guidelines for working with different licenses were helpful for the Clinical Supervision course. Also, you did the course at my own time and pace.

Jessica Ambroz, LCSW (5/14/19)

The information and updates of the 12 Hour California L&E Course was presented well and descriptive.

Ted Jackson, AMFT (5/13/19)

I found all of the Law and Ethics CE course helpful.

Betty Arias, LMFT (5/12/19)

Gerry, you were exceptionally great as usual!! Thanks for your teaching! (Law & Ethics CE course)

Bernadette Mulvenna, LMFT (5/11/19)

Love the statistics and data for the PTSD Course! Helpful!

Smith Smith, LCSW (5/8/19)

Anecdotes to connect DSM to application in practice were helpful in the DSM-5 Class.

Dawn-Marie Tol, LCSW (5/6/19)

The Law and Ethics Course had helpful pre-tests.

Donnell Holmes, LMFT (5/6/19)

The slides about the content discussed during the presentation were a helpful aspect of the 12-Hour California Law & Ethics Course.

Lorre Rogers-Franco, LMFT (5/4/19)

The content and all videos for the 12-Hour California Law and Ethics Course were helpful aspects of this course.

Rosa Febles, AMFT (5/2/19)

The provided video for the 12-Hour Law & Ethics Course was extremely helpful. Great Job.

David Saucedo, AMFT (4/30/19)

The Law and Ethics 2019 course had an ease of access and immediate results. Thank you, I'll be back!

Renee Monrad, LMFT (4/28/19)

Specific examples were used in the Parent-Child Alienation course. No course aspects need to be improved.

Toni Tornberg, LMFT (4/28/19)

The Clinical Supervision course showed me the changes that have taken place in 2019 for supervisors.

Matt Misuraca, LMFT (4/28/19)

I really liked that that the 2019 Law and Ethics information and opportunities to take the test were broken into manageable time increments.

Laura Guild, LMFT (4/27/19)

The instructor of the 12-Hour Law and Ethics course had great knowledge of the course. His examples concise and helpful.

Terri Jenkins (4/22/19)

Law and Ethics 2018 course was easy to use and understand.

Jose Juarez, LCSW (4/21/19)

These questionnaires can be used with clients. There are no Improvements that I can think of at this time.

Florestean Flucas, LCSW (4/19/19)

The 2019 Law and Ethics Course is comprehensive and up to date.

Suzanne Lynn Wallace, LCSW (4/17/19)

The course (Clients of Alcoholic Mothers) was perfect wouldn't change a thing.

Kyrstin Howard, AMFT (4/16/19)

I liked having the written material available as well as the online stuff. My learning style is best supported by reading first.

Caryl Lark, AMFT (4/14/19)

I have attended Gerry Grossman's Law & Ethics workshops several times. The information is presented in an orderly, precise manner. Updates to laws are included. The book he provides is an invaluable resource. I highly recommend this workshop.

Debra DeCordova, LCSW (4/13/19)

I've been taking workshops and trainings from Gerry for over 20 years. I truly appreciate the consistent efficiency, friendly attitude by all personnel. In addition, I have been successful in getting licensed because of these classes. Thank you.

Cheryl Maddern, LMFT (4/13/19)

Helpful aspects of the (2019 Law & Ethics video) course: 'I really appreciate the updated knowledge provided in this course. So many of my ethical/legal questions were answered! Gerry seems to anticipate my questions and provide great solid answers.'

Brande Phillips, LMFT (4/11/19)

(Law & Ethics CE course)

I usually complete most CEUs online, but found I don't learn or retain information well with an online format. This seminar was really engaging, yet informative.

Stacy McCall-Martin, LMFT (3/17/19)

(Law & Ethics CE course)

Friendly, open atmosphere invited relevant questions. Gerry was happy to address all participants. Great in-person course!

Audrey Grider, LMFT (3/17/19)

Helpful aspects of the (Clinical Supervision) course: 'Going over missed questions Great job.'

Heather Schwartz, LMFT (3/13/19)

Helpful aspects of the (Social Media and Mental Health) course: 'New definitions. General overview with specific info to my particular practice.'

Josephine Burnias, LCSW (3/11/19)

Helpful aspects of the (Self-Injurious Clients) course: 'There was so much important information. Excellent course.'

Josephine Burnias, LCSW (3/9/19)

Helpful aspects of the (Human Growth and Development) course: 'I found the information to be very thorough - a great overall review of the material. The charts were helpful too!'

Jennifer Benz, MA, LMFT (3/9/19)

Helpful aspects of the (Psychotherapy with Muslim Clients) course: 'Description of cultural specific issues as it relates to the Muslim community.'

Michael Green, MA (3/8/19)

Helpful aspects of the (Core Mindfulness and Anxiety) course: 'The informative and kind delivery. So much helpful information. I want to learn and use this information.'

Sharon Friedman, Ph.D. (3/7/19)

Helpful aspects of the (Law & Ethics video) course: 'Breaking it up into small sections and taking quizzes after each section.'

Brenda Johnson-Hill, LMFT (3/6/19)

Helpful aspects of the (Emotional Resilience Video )course: 'Very upbeat and engaging presentation. Material presented was very clear and useful. The way that the test questions were presented afforded far greater learning than presenting all of the questions at the end of the course, without providing the correct information to missed answers!'

Linda Gilbert, LMFT (3/6/19)

Helpful aspects of the (DSM-5 CE Video) course: 'The handouts were essential in order to follow along with the excellent instructor.'

William Burg, LMFT (3/4/19)

Helpful aspects of the Law & Ethics 2019 CE Video) course: 'Such a great class and well organized. I enjoyed the smaller chunks of information followed by short quizzes. And GG is a great, knowledgable presenter. '

Amy Allerheiligen, MS, LMFT (3/3/19)

Helpful aspects of the (Clinical Supervision) course: 'Techniques on how to support supervises' at various stages of their professional development.'

Veronica Ruiz, LMFT (3/3/19)

Helpful aspects of the HIV/AIDS course: 'The questions about what would I do with a client. And all the educational pieces. I loved this course!! and I did NOT expect to! Well done and thank you'

Andrea Throndson, LMFT (2/28/19)

Helpful aspects of the (Law & Ethics CE) course: 'Updated sections about telehealth, emotional support animals, "friending" patients, all were helpful and have been issues in our clinic. Good to have some concrete recommendations and explanations.'

Frederick Burrows, LMFT (2/21/19)

I appreciated the various models of learning taught in the course. Additionally, the vignettes were beneficial. I felt it was a challenging course focused on the most relevant material. '

Michelle North, MA, LMFT, CEAP (2/17/19)

Helpful aspects of the Core Mindfulness course: 'The meditations. '

Devon DuBois, MA, LMFT (2/8/19)

Helpful aspects of the Law & Ethics class: Gerry's sense of humor and expertise in presenting what might otherwise be a dry topic. This class was interesting and fun.

Natalie White, LMFT (1/28/19)

Examples of real-life mistakes that could happen and the remedies.

Diane Alvy, LMFT (1/27/19)

'Instructor's sense of humor.'

Nina Rodrigues, M.A. (1/27/19)

Helpful aspects of the Law and Ethics 2018 CE Text-based Home Course: 'The examples and the definitions. The age chart about mandatory reporting for child sexual abuse is always helpful to keep things straight. the more recent information about gender issues and rights very helpful. As always this course is excellent and updated!'

Josephine Magill, LEP (1/9/19)

Helpful aspects of the L & E video course: 'Power Point materials and Gerry Grossman's expertise'

Susan Odekerken, LMFT (1/6/19)

Helpful aspects of the Solution Focused Perspective CE Text-based Home Course: 'I enjoyed learning about solution-focused techniques again. I want to use more of this theory in my practice.'

Penny Sullenger, LMFT (1/5/19)

Helpful aspects of the Law and Ethics 2018 CE Text-based Home Course: 'The immediate access after purchasing, immediate feedback during the test, being able to retake the test. I have used other companies in the past for legal and ethical and I learned so much more in this course than in the others.'

Lisa Lee-Briggs, LMFT (1/5/19)

Helpful aspects of the Law and Ethics 2018 CE Video Course: 'The digital format was very user-friendly as compared to other programs I have used.'

Tarrah Harnden, LMFT (1/4/19)

This course is awesome. Gerry is the best, and I enjoy his sense of humor and down to earth presenting style. I now only take the law and ethics class from Gerry Grossman Seminars.

Rosemary O'Neill, LMFT (1/2/19)

'I'm pleased to have taken this CE video course (Core Mindfulness). All information presented by Andrew was useful. I look forward to more upcoming courses. '

Dalila Santa Cruz, LMFT (12/30/18)

Helpful aspects of the course (Clinical Supervision: LCSW Perspective) 'How the models were broken down into direct information.'

Shannon Kalberg, LMFT (12/30/18)

'Overall, I thought the entire course (2018 Law & Ethics Video) was fantastic and Gerry is always great. I enjoy listening to him.'

Janet Cook, LCSW (12/30/18)

Helpful aspects of the course (Law & Ethics 2018): 'Great refresher course with updated information.'

Griselda Hernandez, LMFT (12/27/18)

Helpful aspects of the Managed Care CE Video Course: "Information about managed care plans and companies ...it was excellent!''

Beverly Pruitt, LMFT (12/27/18)

Helpful aspects of the Issues with Aging CE Text-based Home Course: 'Everything'

Brian Rector, LMFT (12/27/18)

Helpful aspects of the Distressed Couples CE Text-based Home Course: 'clarity of presented material. well-organized presentation.'

Anna Doskach, LMFT (12/26/18)

'The written material you all provide is excellent! I have saved all of the PDFs I have acquired from GG CEU courses over the years and now have a digital personal reference library.'

Jonathan Roos, LMFT (12/12/18)

Gerry's patient and clear explanations of each topic were easy to understand and held my interest -- in what is a fairly difficult topic to both explain and be interesting at the same time. Also, the handouts and book that we were able to take home are so well organized, that they will serve as an excellent reference.

Serena Brooks, LMFT (12/3/18)

Natalie is absolutely amazing! The way she explains the concepts, the way she recommends literature, statistics, and films, and the way she shares personal and therapeutic examples for us to grasp the concepts better. And how she gets the class to participate by asking direct questions is absolutely incredible! Natalie was also able to answer any questions that came at her with tremendous knowledge and clear explanations.

Stella Dorin (11/11/18)

Helpful aspect of Clinical Supervision course: 'The thoroughness of CA laws and regulations helps a lot. Also the discussion of how to work with different supervisees.'

Lisa McGinn, LMFT (11/8/18)

'The video (L & E) was great I was able to study at any time and I was able to go back and watch them over. Glad I got the book too that way I was able to follow along and have a reference.'

'I liked everything from beginning to end.'

Alma Arvizu, AMFT (9/26/18)

'This course (Depression video) was excellent. I did not want it to end. I learned so much!!!'

Yolonda Greene, LCSW (9/11/18)

'I found the different models of supervision interesting and helpful.'

Jessica Cairns, LCSW (9/5/18)

Helpful aspects of the (HIV) course: 'Ability to do at home. Very convenient.'

Lisa Pulsifer, LCSW (8/31/18)

Helpful aspects of the (L & E video) course: 'Discussion of dual relationships in therapy.
User-friendly technology - even I could access and navigate this course without any difficulties.
Doing the course in the comforts of my home!'

Gale Uchiyama, LCSW (8/23/18)

I like the modularized presentation as it allowed me to complete the course on my own time on my schedule.

Martin Rickler, LMFT (8/12/18)

I love Gerry's way of presenting this important, yet overwhelming material. His appropriate use of humor and his knowledge on the subject from a clinical perspective made the day enjoyable. I learned a lot from this training!

Meg Howard, LMFT (7/27/18)

I really appreciated being able to take the exam online after buying the text of the material. Information was well written and thorough.

Pauline Hurme, LMFT (5/20/18)

Gerry is a seasoned and skilled presenter. He incorporates discussion and questions from the participants which enhances learning as well. He is very knowledgeable about the content of the Law & Ethics course.

Susan Glaser, LCSW (1/29/18)

The ability to download the Substance Abuse CE Text-based course was helpful for later use and referral. This will definitely be my all of the time go to for future CE opportunities.

Takeisha Johnson, LEP (1/29/18)

The Law & Ethics book and handouts are a great resource! They are much appreciated! Keep up the excellent work!

Bridget Goin, LMFT (1/20/18)

Gerry has a very easy going style of speaking, including a sense of
humor, and makes the material very interesting and related to our work
as clinicians. He covers a lot of ground in 6 hours, but it seemed to go
quickly. I very much appreciate the Law and Ethics handbook and other
handouts. It will be a very helpful reference going forward. Thank you!

Ethel Oderberg, LCSW (1/19/18)

Andrew [Teton] did an outstanding job, as usual! He can make material that can be boring and difficult to understand in a clear, entertaining way. I always know what to expect and look forward to his classes!

Evelynn Smith, LMFT (1/13/18)

The instructor was very participate focused and made sure to answer all our concerns and questions regarding the subject. She was also so interesting to listen to. It was truly the best CEU workshop I have attended..... the time flew by because it was so interesting and helpful. Suzanne is the best presenter!

Patricia Grimsman (12/2/17)

All aspects were very helpful in that it refreshed my memory on the
subject matter or it presented changes in the law or ethics of my
profession. Providing the handout book " California Law & Ethics 2017
will be a cherished resource for me to refer to in the years to come.


I have gone to many Law and Ethics classes and yours is the easiest to understand and follow and has the best information and handouts. I will see you again in 2 years. P.S. I have been going to these for a long time.

Luan Andrews (11/5/17)

Refresher and new laws. I always appreciate Andrew's warmth and caring and humor and both of your commitment to mastering so much nitty gritty detail so we can, too! Gerry, you are truly a one of a kind master at what you do, and we clinicians are lucky to have you as a training resource! Happy New Year!

Lori Steinhauer (9/10/17)

How fun and interesting Andrew made the experience. Was very helpful to me.

Nancy Spears (9/9/17)

The teacher, Cio Hernandez, was A+++++. She was articulate, organized, personable, extremely knowledgeable, presented the material in an efficient and easy way to understand and absorb, and her use of nemonics made it easy to remember important information. The instructor presented with a great balance between imparting information, presenting case examples, sharing her own experiences, encouraging the students to share their information, knowledge, and experiences and was open to and responsive to answering any and all questions. It was especially helpful for me to have a refresher of the information and to realized how much I do know as well as to learn about the many changes that have taken place since the last time I took the course. I appreciated the printout of the course content that included space to add our own notes during class as well as receiving the forms that we can use and adapt for our own use and the information in the Clinical Supervision booklet that we could take home for continued reference.

Louise Karr (8/19/17)

Natalie brought the subject to life with relevant examples and anecdotes. She did an excellent job of engaging the class and responding to questions. Her humor made the class lively and the topic more interesting. The presentation was very well-organized, clear, and comprehensive. I was impressed with the breadth of her knowledge and experience. She is a wonderful teacher.

Kristine McCarthy (8/19/17)

Learning about on-line technology; going over the new laws and regulations; reviewing mandated reporting and HIPPA laws. How to stay out of trouble!!! I also appreciated the sense of humor used in the teaching delivery which made the class not only informative but fun. Gerry is quite knowledgeable about Law and Ethics.

Lark Holden (7/10/17)

The interactional seminar format made all the difference: the class was thereby personalized for each participant.

Peter Geiger (6/10/17)

The entire course was helpful and particularly the sections regarding child abuse and neglect and what is reportable and what is not. Looking forward to the course on June 11 on neurobiology!

Cindy Stogel (5/21/17)

Gerry you are super awesome and you totally rock. Thank you for all you do for the clinicians in California.

Maureen Doherty, M.A. (5/9/17)

I work with couples a lot. The materials we came away with are really excellent, and will be so helpful in my work. It was good to hear all the feedback from other clinicians as we went through the materials. I attended hoping I could get some NEW TOOLS to use in my couples work, not just when an affair is the issue - and I did, thank you!

Chris Stearns (5/8/17)

Thorough coverage of general as well as detailed, current information.

Ann Laing, LMFT (1/25/17)

Great coverage of the topic in the amount of time provided. Thank You!

Beverly Pruitt, LMFT (1/25/17)

This online course helped me to gain a deeper understanding of Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting.

Orly Kaufler, MFTI (1/25/17)

Thanks for your help! Info from DSM 5 will stay w me a long time! What a dynamic presentation/presenter. You are making it easy for me to accumulate and track my CEU's. Thanks a lot!

Catherine Mattei-Williams, MSN, RN, NP (10/27/14)

This is my 3rd Gerry Grossman course (and I've done a lot of online CEUs in the past)...I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the course content, the presenters, the ease of use, and now customer service. You guys are doing an awesome job!

Lara Gregorio, LGSW (5/15/14)

Thank you so much for your support. I am always impressed by your professional service and prompt response to customer with great courtesy and patience!!

I. W.

Dear Cedric & Team:
Thank you for your prompt and courteous service! Your professionalism keeps me coming back! Have a good summer.

Phyllis M.

Thank you. Your CE courses are excellent so I will be using your materials in the future.

Carolyn H., MA, MFT

This was by far the best Legal/Ethical workshop I've been to. Rocio has such a thorough command of the information and expresses it with enthusiasm. 6 hours of L/E went by quickly? Yes! It did!

I hope there will be more courses offered with this kind of format. Being a visual learner the [Law and Ethics] video was easier to follow and learn. Bravo.

I have been in the addiction field for 12 years and felt this was a great course that was practical for the average person.

Donna L., MA, MFT

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