Read what our students are saying about their GGS Continuing Education experiences!

Gerry's patient and clear explanations of each topic were easy to understand and held my interest -- in what is a fairly difficult topic to both explain and be interesting at the same time. Also, the handouts and book that we were able to take home are so well organized, that they will serve as an excellent reference.

Serena Brooks, LMFT (12/3/18)

Natalie is absolutely amazing! The way she explains the concepts, the way she recommends literature, statistics, and films, and the way she shares personal and therapeutic examples for us to grasp the concepts better. And how she gets the class to participate by asking direct questions is absolutely incredible! Natalie was also able to answer any questions that came at her with tremendous knowledge and clear explanations.

Stella Dorin (11/11/18)

Helpful aspect of Clinical Supervision course: 'The thoroughness of CA laws and regulations helps a lot. Also the discussion of how to work with different supervisees.'

Lisa McGinn, LMFT (11/8/18)

'The video (L & E) was great I was able to study at any time and I was able to go back and watch them over. Glad I got the book too that way I was able to follow along and have a reference.'

'I liked everything from beginning to end.'

Alma Arvizu, AMFT (9/26/18)

'This course (Depression video) was excellent. I did not want it to end. I learned so much!!!'

Yolonda Greene, LCSW (9/11/18)

'I found the different models of supervision interesting and helpful.'

Jessica Cairns, LCSW (9/5/18)

Helpful aspects of the (HIV) course: 'Ability to do at home. Very convenient.'

Lisa Pulsifer, LCSW (8/31/18)

Helpful aspects of the (L & E video) course: 'Discussion of dual relationships in therapy.
User-friendly technology - even I could access and navigate this course without any difficulties.
Doing the course in the comforts of my home!'

Gale Uchiyama, LCSW (8/23/18)

I like the modularized presentation as it allowed me to complete the course on my own time on my schedule.

Martin Rickler, LMFT (8/12/18)

I love Gerry's way of presenting this important, yet overwhelming material. His appropriate use of humor and his knowledge on the subject from a clinical perspective made the day enjoyable. I learned a lot from this training!

Meg Howard, LMFT (7/27/18)

I really appreciated being able to take the exam online after buying the text of the material. Information was well written and thorough.

Pauline Hurme, LMFT (5/20/18)

Gerry is a seasoned and skilled presenter. He incorporates discussion and questions from the participants which enhances learning as well. He is very knowledgeable about the content of the Law & Ethics course.

Susan Glaser, LCSW (1/29/18)

The ability to download the Substance Abuse CE Text-based course was helpful for later use and referral. This will definitely be my all of the time go to for future CE opportunities.

Takeisha Johnson, LEP (1/29/18)

The Law & Ethics book and handouts are a great resource! They are much appreciated! Keep up the excellent work!

Bridget Goin, LMFT (1/20/18)

Gerry has a very easy going style of speaking, including a sense of
humor, and makes the material very interesting and related to our work
as clinicians. He covers a lot of ground in 6 hours, but it seemed to go
quickly. I very much appreciate the Law and Ethics handbook and other
handouts. It will be a very helpful reference going forward. Thank you!

Ethel Oderberg, LCSW (1/19/18)

Andrew [Teton] did an outstanding job, as usual! He can make material that can be boring and difficult to understand in a clear, entertaining way. I always know what to expect and look forward to his classes!

Evelynn Smith, LMFT (1/13/18)

The instructor was very participate focused and made sure to answer all our concerns and questions regarding the subject. She was also so interesting to listen to. It was truly the best CEU workshop I have attended..... the time flew by because it was so interesting and helpful. Suzanne is the best presenter!

Patricia Grimsman (12/2/17)

All aspects were very helpful in that it refreshed my memory on the
subject matter or it presented changes in the law or ethics of my
profession. Providing the handout book " California Law & Ethics 2017
will be a cherished resource for me to refer to in the years to come.


I have gone to many Law and Ethics classes and yours is the easiest to understand and follow and has the best information and handouts. I will see you again in 2 years. P.S. I have been going to these for a long time.

Luan Andrews (11/5/17)

Refresher and new laws. I always appreciate Andrew's warmth and caring and humor and both of your commitment to mastering so much nitty gritty detail so we can, too! Gerry, you are truly a one of a kind master at what you do, and we clinicians are lucky to have you as a training resource! Happy New Year!

Lori Steinhauer (9/10/17)

How fun and interesting Andrew made the experience. Was very helpful to me.

Nancy Spears (9/9/17)

The teacher, Cio Hernandez, was A+++++. She was articulate, organized, personable, extremely knowledgeable, presented the material in an efficient and easy way to understand and absorb, and her use of nemonics made it easy to remember important information. The instructor presented with a great balance between imparting information, presenting case examples, sharing her own experiences, encouraging the students to share their information, knowledge, and experiences and was open to and responsive to answering any and all questions. It was especially helpful for me to have a refresher of the information and to realized how much I do know as well as to learn about the many changes that have taken place since the last time I took the course. I appreciated the printout of the course content that included space to add our own notes during class as well as receiving the forms that we can use and adapt for our own use and the information in the Clinical Supervision booklet that we could take home for continued reference.

Louise Karr (8/19/17)

Natalie brought the subject to life with relevant examples and anecdotes. She did an excellent job of engaging the class and responding to questions. Her humor made the class lively and the topic more interesting. The presentation was very well-organized, clear, and comprehensive. I was impressed with the breadth of her knowledge and experience. She is a wonderful teacher.

Kristine McCarthy (8/19/17)

Learning about on-line technology; going over the new laws and regulations; reviewing mandated reporting and HIPPA laws. How to stay out of trouble!!! I also appreciated the sense of humor used in the teaching delivery which made the class not only informative but fun. Gerry is quite knowledgeable about Law and Ethics.

Lark Holden (7/10/17)

The interactional seminar format made all the difference: the class was thereby personalized for each participant.

Peter Geiger (6/10/17)

The entire course was helpful and particularly the sections regarding child abuse and neglect and what is reportable and what is not. Looking forward to the course on June 11 on neurobiology!

Cindy Stogel (5/21/17)

Gerry you are super awesome and you totally rock. Thank you for all you do for the clinicians in California.

Maureen Doherty, M.A. (5/9/17)

I work with couples a lot. The materials we came away with are really excellent, and will be so helpful in my work. It was good to hear all the feedback from other clinicians as we went through the materials. I attended hoping I could get some NEW TOOLS to use in my couples work, not just when an affair is the issue - and I did, thank you!

Chris Stearns (5/8/17)

Thorough coverage of general as well as detailed, current information.

Ann Laing, LMFT (1/25/17)

Great coverage of the topic in the amount of time provided. Thank You!

Beverly Pruitt, LMFT (1/25/17)

This online course helped me to gain a deeper understanding of Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting.

Orly Kaufler, MFTI (1/25/17)

Thanks for your help! Info from DSM 5 will stay w me a long time! What a dynamic presentation/presenter. You are making it easy for me to accumulate and track my CEU's. Thanks a lot!

Catherine Mattei-Williams, MSN, RN, NP (10/27/14)

This is my 3rd Gerry Grossman course (and I've done a lot of online CEUs in the past)...I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the course content, the presenters, the ease of use, and now customer service. You guys are doing an awesome job!

Lara Gregorio, LGSW (5/15/14)

Thank you so much for your support. I am always impressed by your professional service and prompt response to customer with great courtesy and patience!!

I. W.

Dear Cedric & Team:
Thank you for your prompt and courteous service! Your professionalism keeps me coming back! Have a good summer.

Phyllis M.

Thank you. Your CE courses are excellent so I will be using your materials in the future.

Carolyn H., MA, MFT

This was by far the best Legal/Ethical workshop I've been to. Rocio has such a thorough command of the information and expresses it with enthusiasm. 6 hours of L/E went by quickly? Yes! It did!

I hope there will be more courses offered with this kind of format. Being a visual learner the [Law and Ethics] video was easier to follow and learn. Bravo.

I have been in the addiction field for 12 years and felt this was a great course that was practical for the average person.

Donna L., MA, MFT