1. You Passed the Test! Now What?
    You Passed the Test! Now What?

    If you’re reading this after recently passing a social work licensure exam, we’d like to offer you huge congratulations! No matter which test you just passed, you no doubt put an enormous amount of work into studying for success. These skills will be useful in your next career step: finding employment. Starting work in the social work field is an exciting milestone, and you’re no doubt looking for the perfect opportunity. The following ideas and resources will give you a great start towards finding that ideal position.

  2. Choosing the Right CEU Without the Hassle
    Choosing the Right CEU Without the Hassle

    Have you ever completed a CEU online only to realize that it wasn’t the right one you needed? Have you ever spent a lot of money on a CEU only to find out that your licensing board wouldn’t accept it? There are many horror stories of clinicians who have spent time purchasing and completing CEUs that won’t count towards their licensure needs. Here are a few thoughts on how you can choose the right CEU without the hassle.