Significant Changes to the California MFT Clinical Exam


The California Clinical Exam has changed as of January 1, 2021. Read on for more details, and stay connected to Gerry Grossman Seminars for up-to-date exam prep materials.

Around every seven years, the BBS conducts an occupational survey of practicing LMFTs. This is done to determine issues that are relevant to current MFT clinical practice as it pertains to changing societal patterns and emerging developments in the field. Based on the results of this analysis, the Office of Examination Services organizes the tasks and knowledge statements that become the LMFT Written Clinical Examination Outline. Examination questions are developed by subject matter experts to address these tasks and knowledge statements. The 2021 CCE exam handbook contains new exam categories with adjusted percentage emphases and new examination topics. There are topics that are carried over from the previous 2013 candidate handbook such as crisis assessment and management, DSM-5, Law and Ethics, and theoretical orientations, among others.

There are also new topics and tasks included in the 2021 Candidate handbook. These new topics/tasks include but are not limited to the following: caretaker stress, experiences with the legal system, experiences with the military, socioeconomic stressors, sexual or gender minority experiences, responses to violent crime, distress with immigration and migration, use of electronic media, school violence, and sexual trafficking.

Regarding these new topics, our research team is creating new study materials and vignettes to provide our CCE course students with current, easily accessible information.

Since 1985, Gerry Grossman Seminars has been dedicated to providing our students with relevant exam information and test-taking strategies that have served them well on their examination day. Keeping with that tradition, we are systematically evaluating and addressing the tasks and knowledge statements in the new 2021 MFT Written Clinical Examination outline.

The GGS MFT CCE exam prep course will provide candidates with a thorough exploration of the topics contained in the 2021 Candidate Handbook. Comprehensive content review and test-taking strategies are both critical for test-day success, and are both included as key features of the GGS course.

Take advantage of our up-to-date content and years of exam expertise in our revised 2021 CCE course.