National MFT Textbook

A comprehensive study text of over 600 pages in two volumes for preparing for the 2019 National MFT Exam. This study guide covers the Tasks and Knowledge statements contained in the National MFT Examination Candidate Handbook. This invaluable resource breaks down the following exam topics:

Topics include:

  1. Human Diversity
  2. Ethics
  3. Family Development
  4. Grief
  5. Lifespan Development
  6. Medical Family Therapy
  7. Couples Therapy
  8. Special Issues in Psychology
  9. Standardized Assessments
  10. Substance Abuse
  11. Theoretical Perspectives

In addition to delineating examination-relevant topics, the text addresses the exam format, test-taking strategies, and anxiety management.

Price: $175.00


I took the National AMFTRB exam 4 times, and on the fourth I passed. I recommend the National AMFTRB package to anyone.